Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Wu, Qi Shen Wang, Da Jun Wang

Abstract: Some qualitative properties are discussed about the transverse vibration of nonhomogeneous rectangular membrane whose mass changes only...

Authors: Wei Guo Shen, Jin Tian Yun

Abstract: For flexible manipulator, the analysis of the joint characteristics and the stability become very important for controller design. The...

Authors: Sang Luo, Zhen Dong Qian

Abstract: Low-temperature cracking is a significant and costly problem for pavement on the orthotropic steel deck. As a popular material used on the...

Authors: Ke Zhong, Dong Wei Cao, Sang Luo

Abstract: SBS modified asphalt is widely used in pavement engineering in China, since it has excellent performances both in high-temperature and...

Authors: Rui Na Ma, Yong Zhe Fan, Xiao Ming Cao, Ming Wen

Abstract: Fe2B is a kind of typical intermetallic compound, which has good corrosion resistance in molten zinc. However, the fatal intrinsic...

Authors: Yan Chun Zhong, Qing Jun Yang, Gang Bao

Abstract: In this paper, a nonlinear model of pneumatic vibration isolator was established, considering the volumetric compressibility of air. Based...

Authors: Quan Ren Zeng, Geng Liu, Lan Liu, Rui Ting Tong

Abstract: Surface texture, as one of the typical surface integrity characteristics, plays a vital part in efficiently and systematically evaluating...

Authors: You Bo Wu, Yi Tao, Xiao Hong Pan, Peng Cheng Wu

Abstract: As the market competition became more fiercely and the customers’ needs of diversified products increased, small and medium enterprises...

Authors: Dong Man Yu, Xiao Jing Li, Yi Xiong, Zhi Hua Gao

Abstract: Reverse engineering (RE) plays an important role in accelerating product research and borrowing ideals from other manufacturers. This paper...

Authors: Yi Nan Guo, Yong Lin, Mei Yang, Shu Guo Zhang

Abstract: In traditional interactive genetic algorithms, high-quality optimal solution is hard to be obtained due to small population size and limited...


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