Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kuan Fang He, Xue Jun Li, X.C. Li

Abstract: The acoustic emission extraction experiment of rotor crack fault has done on the rotor comprehensive fault simulation test-bed....

Authors: Ji Gang Wu, Xue Jun Li, Bai Hui Yao

Abstract: The faults of rotating machinery are monitored by fixing the sensors on rotor directly, which brings some problems such as difficulty in...

Authors: A. Naceri

Abstract: This paper considers the analysis of the mechanical behaviour of a laminate constituted of 12 layers of glass fiber fabric/epoxy resin...

Authors: Zhao Feng Yang, Ai Wan Fan

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks consist of hundreds or thousands of sensor nodes that involve numerous restrictions including computation...

Authors: Ai Wan Fan, Shu Xi Lu

Abstract: In elliptic curve cryptography, reverse-mode operation is the impact on the efficiency of digital signature one of the most important...

Authors: Hai Gang Ding, Ji Yun Zhao, Liang Zhao

Abstract: To achieve the highly reliable and highly accurate adjustment for electrohydraulic proportional pump A4VSO, an adjustment system is...

Authors: Tomohiro Nonaka, Yutaka Sakata, Yasuo Marumo, Yoshinori Okinishi, Taiki Horinouchi, Ippei Ogawa, Shinobu Watanabe

Abstract: In press working, to prevent defects in sheet products and establish the traceability of the causes of defects, we have developed defect...

Authors: An Cui, Hai Peng Zhang

Abstract: Traditionally, tolerance and maintenance designs have been studied separately in manufacturing systems. An integration optimization model of...

Authors: Yong Zhe Fan, Rui Na Ma, An Du

Abstract: Baysesian Neural Network approach for predicting the temper embrittlement of steam turbine rotor in service was proposed. The FATT50 (the...

Authors: Qing Fu Wang, Hong Lin Zhao, Zhi Heng Wu, Guang Peng Zhang, Dong Hui Mu, Shi Guang Chen, Wei Guo Zhou

Abstract: The static and dynamic characteristics calculating of the whole machine structure by finite element method lead to dense grid nodes, which...


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