Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Jiang, Jun Hong, Wei Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to establish a criterion for the school chair surface evaluation through analyzing the rules between contour...

Authors: Bo Chen, Li Deng

Abstract: The working space affected workers’ security, health, comfort and working efficiency, which was an important research field of the...

Authors: Ming Ma, Run Jie Shen, Bing Fang, Ming Wei Sun, Wen He

Abstract: In this paper, based on the analysis of white noise generation, equably distributed pseudo-random numbers are generated by a method of mixed...

Authors: Guang Bin Wang, Xian Qiong Zhao, Yu Hui He

Abstract: To enhance the effect of fault diagnosis, a new fualt diagnosis method based on supervised incremental local tangent space alignment...

Authors: Guo Wei Li, Wei Min Zhang, Peng Zhong Li, Yi Zhou Zhu

Abstract: Tolerance specification is the activity of specifying tolerances. In current 3D-CAD system, tolerance types and tolerance values are...

Authors: Si Mi Tang, Shi Jian Zhu, Jing Jun Lou

Abstract: The nonlinear energy pumping in a two-degree-of-freedom system comprising a damped linear oscillator coupled to cubic damping absorber is...

Authors: Wen Qun Zhang, Xin Yue Wu, Wen Cao

Abstract: When a proper shunt circuit is connected with a curved piezoelectric membrane, its bended stiffness can be intensified. The system can be...

Authors: Wei Deng

Abstract: Input-output method can conveniently analyze energy consumption and environmental load for iron and steel enterprises. It can visually...

Authors: Zhi Min Hu, Jun Tang

Abstract: Electronic engineering budget software provides a powerful tool for the electronic engineering cost analysis, reduces the tedious...

Authors: Guang Ye Zhang, Jin Lin Wang, You Ming Chen, Long Fei Liu, Yuan Jun Guo

Abstract: The isothermal oxidation behavior of NiAl-30.9Cr-3Mo-0.1Dy alloy has been investigated in the paper. The results reveal that Dy-addition...


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