Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Ping Wang, Wen Lei Sun, Qun Zhao

Abstract: It is necessary and fitting to use flexible multibody dynamics method to study the wind turbine blades. Because the characteristics of the...

Authors: Dan Dan Dai, Wen Lei Sun, Qun Zhao

Abstract: It’s necessary to research on the interaction of blade wheel with incoming flow. The CFD method was used in this paper for numerical...

Authors: Wen Lei Sun, Xiao Li Li, Chang Bing Fu

Abstract: The drum is the process of picking cotton, picking cotton picker cotton picker head of the key device, which controls the seat tube and...

Authors: Tie Wu Liu, Lin Feng Bai, Tie Nan Zhang, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: Research for algorithm of non-preemptive scheduling on multiprocessor is of great theoretical significance and practical significance. Based...

Authors: Yong Chuan Lin, Yuan Ling Chen

Abstract: This paper deals with the mach inability of BN free-machining steel in turning with a supplied current of various values and different...

Authors: Yuan Chun Liu, Zheng Guang Zou, Fei Long

Abstract: It has been demonstrated that V6O13 is a very attractive cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Cr3+ was doped to improve...

Authors: Hui Jiang Yu, Zheng Guang Zou, Fei Long, Chun Yan Xie, Hao Ma

Abstract: To get single-layer of graphene, exfoliating fully intercalated graphite oxide into single- layer graphene oxide is one of the important...

Authors: W. Wan, L. Jie

Abstract: BAYES discriminant analysis (BDA) method was used in the study of headstreams of prediction of minewater inrush and two BDA models for...

Authors: Shu Hong Chen, Guo Feng Yan

Abstract: Benchmark is a method of measuring performance, and we can obtain continuous performance improvement of programming algorithm through...

Authors: Yu Min Zhang, Cui Juan Sun, You Po Su, Jing Yu Su

Abstract: The capability of structure resisting progressive collapse depends on controlling the dispersion of damage by uncommon agency in the part of...


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