Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Tang, Qiang Wu, Bang Yan Ye, X.F. Hu, Yu Zhong Li, X.I. Qu

Abstract: The key point for improving efficiency of Electric Hot Machining (EHM) is to keep an optimal heating temperature in cutting process. This...

Authors: Yong Jian Li

Abstract: Because of the extensive application of autotransformer in 500 kV power grid, the value of single-phase short-circuit current is generally...

Authors: Jun An Liu, Ke Xiang Wei, Xi Long Qu, Li Xin Tan, You Rui Tao

Abstract: This article primarily analyzes the shortcoming in the current formula of plastic and rubber mold shaped dimensions in practical, and fully...

Authors: Ji Qiu Tan, Jun An Liu, Xiao Bo Song, Ming Dai, Zi Jun Xu

Abstract: As a large agricultural country, rice straw is a kind of inexhaustible and renewable resources in China. Since the rice straw is...

Authors: Kai Jian Liang, Lin Feng Bai, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: The generalized inductive logic causal model that can synthetically process fuzzy indeterminacy and random indeterminacy was proposed in...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Guo Qun Zhao, Hui Ping Li

Abstract: In hot stamping process, the die suffers complex thermal mechanical loads. In this paper, the process model and the materials model were set...

Authors: Qian Jin Wang, Wen Zhong Qu, Li Xiao

Abstract: Structure vibration test plays an important role in dynamic design, but in most cases the experimental data we get is always limited and...

Authors: Li Ping Wang, Ying Qiang Xu, Lei Lei Wang, Qiong Wei Zhang

Abstract: Transition curve is very important to bending strength and life of gear. In order to improve the bending strength of gear, the shape of...

Authors: Peng Shao, Yu Qi Wu, D.B. Yang, G.X. Ren, Z.Y. Fan

Abstract: Catastrophic failure of rock mass is a kind of serious geological hazard which usually happens during deep mining excavation and underground...

Authors: An Ru Wu, Li Jun Dong, Wei Guo Gao, Xiang Ling Zhou

Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-6.0%Zn-0.5%Zr (ZK60) and ZK60-2.0%Nd-1.0%Y alloys after extrusion, rolling and then T5...


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