Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Fa Tan, Xiao Long Wang, Guo Liang Jiang, Bin Cai, Hua Tan, Chun Hua Zhou

Abstract: In order to improve the wear resistance of debris-ejecting blade of driller, cemented carbide welding coatings were prepared by arc-welding...

Authors: Yan Gao, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: The work of vibration test has significant meanings for the researches and applications of 3-dimension and 5-direction braided composites....

Authors: Li Zen, Jun Wang, Yuan Yuan Xu

Abstract: This paper presents a novel Multi-Degree-of-Freedom magnetic levitation sphere driving joint. It analyses the relevance theory of air-gap...

Authors: Pei Long Li, Zheng Qi Zhang, Bing Gang Wang

Abstract: In order to study the high-temperature performance of composite structure asphalt concrete specimens, cylindrical and plate double-layer...

Authors: Wei Min Wang, Wei Zheng An

Abstract: Centrifugal compressors are widely used to compressor gas in many different processes within the petroleum and chemical industry. Two...

Authors: Qiong Cao, Xian Ying Huang, Ke Ke Wang, Jing Yin

Abstract: Regular expression was the foundation of advanced language and compiler. It can be recognized by finite automaton. In this paper, combined...

Authors: Ao Feng Zhang, Zhi Liao, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: Simulating and researching for characteristics of channel is essential when designing a wireless communications system. Based on the...

Authors: Ying An Kang, Jia Cai Tan

Abstract: The useful properties of cellular solids depend on the material from which they are made, their relative density, and their internal...

Authors: Hong Jiang Chu, Yue Wu, Wen Yun Lin, Yue Hua Wan

Abstract: Geographic profiling uses locations of series crimes to detect the most probable residence of the offender. However, because of shortage...


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