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Authors: Ying Wang, Zhi Bo Wang
Abstract: The author not only made an analysis on the emergence, development, change process of the virtual enterprise based on the virtual manufacturing and its key technology, but also summarized the internal logic between the development of virtual technology and the corresponding organizational model changes. Further, the author discussed the core elements which affect the efficiency of virtual organization. Through comparison with the traditional organization model, the efficiency characteristics of virtual organization have been revealed. Final, the author concluded that the core competitive power of virtual enterprise is its flexibility and reconfigurability, and the disadvantage is the instability of organizational relationships.
Authors: Hong Ye, Han Li Yang, Zhong Lin Yan
Abstract: Electron beam welding process of AZ61 with 10mm thickness magnesium alloys was investigated. The influence of processing parameters including focusing current, welding beam current and welding speed was researched. The results show that an ideal weld bead can be formed by choosing processing parameters properly. Focusing current is main parameter that determines cross section shape. The beam current and welding speed are main parameters that determine the weld width and dimensions. The test results for typical welds indicate that the microhardness of the weld zone is better than that of the base meta1. A fine-grained weld region has been observed and no obvious heat-affected zone is found. The fusion zone mainly consists of small α-Mg phase and β-Mg17A112. The small grains and β phases in the joint are believed to play an important role in the increase of the strength of weld for AZ61 magnesium alloys.
Authors: Shu Yi Yang, D.S. Liu, Z.J. Wen, Y.F. He
Abstract: In view of complexity internal structure of mobile hard disk and according to the principle of quality equivalent, a finite element model of mobile hard disk was established. Finite element simulation with dropping impact of mobile hard disk was made based on uniform design. A neural network model of nonlinear mapping relations was established between shell thickness,actuator arm thickness, cantilever thickness and pivot bearings stiffness of mobile hard disk with shell stress,disk interface stress and space with head and disk. The difference is less of the prediction values with the ANN(artificial neutral network) and the simulation datum with the FEM(finite element method). This indicates that the method is effective and may provide theory evidence for optimization crashworthiness design.
Authors: Zhan Ding, Cheng Shen, Jun Jiang, Shao Ying He
Abstract: With the development of highway transportation and automotive industry, there have been a large number of waste rubber and waste asphalt mixture. If they cannot be recycled in time, it will not only become a waste of resources, but also cause serious environmental pollution. For the comprehensive utilization of waste resources, the asphalt recycling agent is developed using waste rubber by microwave treatment in light components agents. The flexibility and consistency with aged asphalt of old rubber are all improved by adding appropriate light-component auxiliary agent and the treatment of microwave processing technology. According to high and low temperature performance and anti-aging properties of recycling asphalt, orthogonal tests are designed to determine the reasonable ratio of raw material and the conditions of technology by penetration, softening point, ductility and penetration ratio and ductility after rolling thin film oven test (RTFOT).Test results and analysis indicate that the optimum proportion are 40% of DOP, 40% of aromatic oil, 20% of rubber powder and 0.5% of the total of anti-aging agent. The optimum conditions are 900w of microwave power and 10min of the processing time. Studies show that 10% of the recycling agent can effectively supplement missing components and restore colloidal structure and rheological performance of aged asphalt.
Authors: Bin Bin Shi, Ying Sun, Li Chen, Jia Lu Li
Abstract: Some dynamic compressive tests about Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber-reinforced laminated Composites have been done using SHPB experimental system.The stress-strain curves of UHMWPE Fiber-reinforced Composites of three different laminated angles (0/90°, 0/90/45/-45°, 0/90/30/-60/60/-30°) are obtained at higher strain rates and their dynamic mechanical properties are also investigated at the same time.Based on all the stress-strain curves obtained, the characteristics of energy absorption of UHMWPE fiber angle-plied composites are analyzed and discussed.It is found that laminated angle has made little effect on the dynamic energy absorption of composites at higher strain rates.In addition,delamination and compaction in the thickness direction constitute the main dynamic failure mechanisms, which are studied by means of image analyses for the specimens after compression.
Authors: Shi Jun Li, Xi Long Qu, Qiang Li
Abstract: this paper introduces the design and implementation of JPEG image compression based on the high speed DSP TMS320VC5416 available from Texas Instruments. Especially, the realization and optimization of DCT transform is discussed and the image Lena is compressed with different way. Experiments show that the reconstructed images have PSNR above 34dB . JPEG algorithm is a digital image compression algorithm with high compression ratio, little distortion characteristics, and has been identified as international standards. This standard has been widely used in digital cameras, surveillance systems, mobile phones, video phones, and many other aspects. It is important to research and realize a real-time image compress system Using JPEG. DSP is used in real-time processing and portable applications with special hardware structure. DSP with high processing speed and excellent operation performance is particularly adapted to image processing. This article introduces DSP-based implementation of JPEG[1].
Authors: Zhong Jie Zhang, Xin Ping Mao
Abstract: With the rapid development of social productive forces, the laser marking machine of one-work location has been difficult to meet the needs of large-scale production. In order to save time of to load parts, We design the laser Marking of Two-work location. The laser marking machine of two-work location. has two-work locations, when a work location load parts, other a work location is marking at the same time. Two work location alternate work , So significantly reduces the production of auxiliary time, improve production efficiency and meet customer needs. This design has been widely used in the domestic machining industry now, marking areas of laser marking in the domestic industry is still first.
Authors: Wei Xing Xu, Shou Qi Yuan
Abstract: The flow formulation is founded as console formulation first, and with the body-fitted coordinate system and standard turbulent model, the numerical simulation of the internal 3-D incompressible turbulent flow agitated flow field of submersible mixer is carried out by numerical simulation software Fluent. The results showed that: the mixer impeller produced vortex jet flow, the constant velocity lines advanced as ellipse, the velocity along the centerline are larger than others, and utilized volume flow to transport the liquid. And, by changing some design parameters of mixer impeller, we can compare and analyze the numerical simulation results and present some optimal methods.
Authors: Jia Ying Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, a quick and simple algorithm based on data sampling principle for circular interpolation is introduced. The algorithm uses a set of chord lines which having same corner angle to approxmate to circle. Comparing with the most other interpolation algorithm,this algorithm is quick, simple and being have little error for the circular interpolation. The algorithm is balanced with the speed and the accuracy of caculation well. The cutting process is more smoothly.
Authors: Hong Li Chen, Xin Qiao, Xi Wei Yang, Chuan Yu Wu
Abstract: A turntable is needed to simulate the motion of ground vehicles in laboratory. Such a turntable was presented in the paper. The basic structure of the turntable was that it could rotate around their own 3 axis, thus all forms of motion of ground vehicles could be simulated. The mechanical performance of the turntable was studied by virtual prototyping method using software CATIA, including structural characteristics, centroid, moment of inertia and turning space. Mechanical analysis was performed, the deformation and stress distribution of the turntable were analyzed. The modal analysis of the turntable was performed using FEM method. Those analysis results show the 3-axis turntable can simulate the motion of ground vehicles.

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