Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Liu, Xiao Zhou, Gang Yi Zhou, Xin Long Dong

Abstract: Mold shelf of powder molding press(PMP) is the main load component. Control the deformation of mold shelf is a key problem. In this paper,...

Authors: Rong Chang Song, Long Fei Zhang, Jun Bo Wang, Chuan Qin Liu, Lin Qiang Ma

Abstract: In ammunition systems, clock mechanism was often used as timing mechanism for ammunition fuze in order to make ammunition work again at a...

Authors: Cheng Liu, Lei Xiao, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: As we know, when using traditional particle system to initiate the natural phenomenon, we need to deal with a lot of computation and data...

Authors: Guang Zhen Cheng, Yuan Bo Cheng

Abstract: Aim is designing the indexing rotation worktable, used for machine process indexing rotation. in this paper introduced two kind of working...

Authors: Li Jun Dong, Quan Yi Yang, Xin Yu Huang

Abstract: The effects of homogenizing annealing process on the microstructures and properties of Mg-Gd-Y-Zr magnesium alloy were investigated and the...

Authors: Ji Qiu Tan, Qing Tan, Yi Min Xia, Zi Jun Xu, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: In order to research the effect of different cutting orders on breaking mechanism of TBM cutters for the rock without joints, this paper...

Authors: Quan Deng Wang, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: The Key of Web Services lies in how to describe and find Web serve, and which is mainly realized depending on UDDI technology is realized....

Authors: Quan Deng Wang, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: With the rapid development of the Internet and information, communication technology, human society began to enter into the intelligence...

Authors: Yi Gang Luan, Ting Wang, Hai Ou Sun

Abstract: CFD method is used to simulate characteristics of flow field inner a kind of wave-plate gas-liquid separator with drainage channels. The N-S...

Authors: Qiang Wu, Yong Tang, Yong Qiang Yang, Yu Zhong Li, X.I. Qu

Abstract: Based on many experiments of CO2 laser welding of high strength two-sided galvanized steel thick with 1.5mm to vehicle body, joint...


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