Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hua Zhu, Shao Hu Liu, Hua Tong

Abstract: Failure of drill pipe is very severe in gas drilling. Based on the erosion theory and field condition, the erosion of drill pipe is...

Authors: Hua Tong, Xiao Hua Zhu, Fu Cheng Deng, Shao Hu Liu

Abstract: In order to clarify the abnormal failure mechanism for the spring of the water injection pump, the velocity and the pressure are simulated...

Authors: Xiao Hua Zhu, Yu Wang, Fu Cheng Deng, Li Ping Tang, Hua Tong

Abstract: Based on the elasticoplasticity contact analysis theory, a mechanical model for the whole process of the slip holding fast to the drilling...

Authors: Y.P. Shen, G.F. Bin, S.L. Wang

Abstract: Rotary kin shell is welded by cylindrical steel plates. Crack propagation of weld toes near supporting rollers until final fracture is the...

Authors: You Yi Zheng, Ji Lai Rao, Lei Wu

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the concepts and brief development history of profile connection, brief discusses its design theory and...

Authors: Feng Huang, Xing Ping Liu

Abstract: The paper designs an image security system. It includes four parts: keys generation, permutation, diffusion and decryption. Using six...

Authors: Feng Huang, Jian Kai Zhao

Abstract: The paper designed a multi-channel data acquisition system based on PXI 6281. It used DAQmx technology in LabVIEW for synchronous analog...

Authors: Fang Fang Lei

Abstract: The paper proposed a training mode for undergraduates of creativity and innovation in engineering education. It includes three elements:...

Authors: Yin Hu Cui, Guo Feng Wang, Dong Biao Peng

Abstract: Tool wear monitoring plays an important role in the automatic machining processes. Therefore, a reliable method is necessary for practical...

Authors: Chang Zhao Qian, Zhi Wen Wang, Chuang Wen Dong, Yang Liu

Abstract: A forced van der Pol system with two time-delays is studied. The central aim is analyzing primary resonance of this system. Perturbation...


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