Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Na Ma, An Du, Jian Jun Wu, Xiao Ming Cao

Abstract: In continuous hot dip galvanizing, serving parts working in the molten zinc, such as sink roll, sleeves, etc. tend towards degradation and...

Authors: An Du, Rui Na Ma, Yong Zhe Fan, Xiao Ming Cao, Shi Jie Li, Shu Peng Zhao

Abstract: A spectral absorption of the ferrous ion in fluxing was investigated in this paper due to the significant effect of ferrous ion on the...

Authors: Yu Su, Ning He, Liang Li

Abstract: Cryogenic minimum quantity lubrication (CMQL) is a kind of green cooling/lubrication technique, which consists of the application of a small...

Authors: Ning Zhou Lu, Zheng Yan Zhang, Ding Fang Chen

Abstract: This paper resolves spatial RSSR mechanism in D-H coordinates to obtain its position equations. By extending Roberts-Chebyschev Theorem, it...

Authors: Deng Wan Li, Hong Tao Chen, Ming Heng Xu, Cheng Ming Zhong

Abstract: In order to explore the cutting rule of hard-to-machine material austenitic stainless steel and to optimize cutting parameters, multiple...

Authors: Chang De He, Pu Xin Yang

Abstract: When designing motorcycle engine, engine cylinder head abnormal noise is common, and difficult to eliminate due to thermal expansion and...

Authors: Quan Bai, Ke Xiang Wei, Shi Sha Zhu

Abstract: The positioning system with high acceleration and high precision determines the speed and quality of bonding, which is the core component in...

Authors: Guo Li Zhang, Fu You Wang, Jia Lu Li, Guang Wei Chen, Li Chen

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of splicing shape and splicing interval length of reinforced fabric on the mechanical performance for...

Authors: Jun Xia Yan, Chu Sheng Liu, La La Zhao

Abstract: Analyzed vibrating screen’s dynamic characteristics of determinate structure and statically indeterminate structure, calculate natural...

Authors: Fu You Wang, Guo Li Zhang, Li Chen, Guang Wei Chen, Qiang Zhou

Abstract: This research paper presents an experimental investigation on the tensile strength loss rate of glass fiber reinforced 2D woven fabric with...


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