Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Qu Chang, Huai Yong Deng, Guo Ping Hou

Abstract: distributed data mining is widely used in industrial and commercial applications to analyze large datasets maintained over geographically...

Authors: Sui Ran Yu, Yun Wei Lu

Abstract: This research is to find a design method for the large scale and complex product system. Thus, we made an approach to possibly better...

Authors: Chun Fei Zhang, Bing Li Pan, Jing Chao Liu, Yu Qing Zhang, Yong Zhen Zhang

Abstract: Expanded graphite treated with silane coupling agent (DB-171) was incorporated into PDCPD to explore its tribological features. Chemically...

Authors: Xiao Yan Wang, Meng Ling Wu, Zhong Kai Chen

Abstract: In order to design a reliability test bed for train brake system, theory of vibration equivalence was used to represent in laboratory the...

Authors: You Bo Wu, Yi Tao, Xiao Hong Pan, Peng Cheng Wu

Abstract: As the market competition became more fiercely and the customers’ needs of diversified products increased, small and medium enterprises...

Authors: Yong Yi Gao, Lan Yun Gong, Hou An Zhang

Abstract: The relationships among equivalent elastic modulus of porous titanium alloy / HA coating composite were investigated by using finite element...

Authors: Xing Zhang, Qi Wei He, Xiang Yu

Abstract: To analyze the influence of the nonlinearity of the floating raft vibration isolation system, the theory of flexible multibody dynamics was...

Authors: Liu Jun Li, Shao Jun Liu, Jin Yu Zuo

Abstract: To ensure the safety and the production efficiency as well as the component lifetime of deep-sea mining system, a novel heave compensation...

Authors: L. Han, J.X. Gao

Abstract: It is known that vibratory feeders are the most versatile of all hopper feeding devices for small engineering parts and play a key role in...

Authors: Yi Ping Luo, Yi Jia Cao

Abstract: A new method is presented to investigate the globally asymptotic stability of reaction-diffusion cellular neural network with time-delays....


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