Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuang Liu, Chao Lv

Abstract: To study the reinforced concrete beam stress performance under ultra-low temperature, Monotonic static load tests of 6 reinforced concrete...

Authors: Yan Yan Wei, Bin Zhao, Xin Mei Chen

Abstract: This paper put forward successful integration of SWH systems into a building and propsed feasible way to realize.Application to apartment...

Authors: Yan You Wu, Hong Peng Zhao, Yong Li Zhu, Kuan Zhao

Abstract: Concrete is the most common material used in buildings and its performance is improving. The plant-growing concrete was developed for...

Authors: Xue Yuan Yan, Ai Qi, Wei Lin, Su Guo Wang

Abstract: Construction and control principle of the new combined steel lead damper (NCSLD) were introduced, pseudo-static tests of NCSLD which would...

Authors: Quan Zhang, Gang Chen, Xiao Rui Zhang

Abstract: Architecture is a carrier of culture, as well as a product of one certain historical period. Influenced by the traditional culture over a...

Authors: Hong Cao, Sheng Yu Meng

Abstract: In recent years, investment on China’s exhibition buildings rises sharply, but problems like over-warming of the exhibition hall...

Authors: Cui Li Fu, Yong Ping Xie

Abstract: This paper proposes AHP-FCE model with dynamic weight for the operational phase of school public building, to determine the energy saving...

Authors: Yong Fei Ning, Ze Hua Liu, Gang Chen, Jie Zhang

Abstract: Based on long-term testing and recording of room temperate in a bedroom of residential buildings in the hot summer and cold winter zone,...

Authors: Jun Wei Yan, Zhi Ming Gao, Hai Hang Xu, Lei Zhong

Abstract: According to the problems of the existing air conditioning system of the telecom building, a new air conditioning energy optimization...

Authors: Xu Dong Pei

Abstract: The influencing factors of partnership formation in construction industry are studied using a meta-analysis. The results show that trust,...


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