Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Fang Wang, Yong Quan Li

Abstract: This paper introduces the ANSYS optimization design principles and proposes the specific operation steps of it. Through a case research, the...

Authors: Hui Jun Yang, Guan Hui Gao, Xi Ming Wang, Yi Nan Hao

Abstract: Wooden-culture of Inner Mongolia is centuries-old and profound, Mongolia race is a minority which has their own culture and...

Authors: Chun Hong Li, De Min Wei, Yu Zheng

Abstract: Since the traditional design methods are based on the simply-supported experimental model, the bearing capacity of concrete bridge deck...

Authors: Lu Nie, Yuan Zhang

Abstract: This article mainly narrated the ceramsite concrete thick aggregate, the performance and the application situation. Domestic and foreign has...

Authors: Xiao Wu Cheng, Wei Qing Liu, Wei Dong Lu, Hui Feng Yang, Kong Yue

Abstract: An overall outline is given for the development of the glued laminated timber structures in China. Different types of glulam structures...

Authors: Xin Ning, Li Guo Wang

Abstract: Effective construction site layout planning (CSLP) shall improve construction operations efficiently and enhance work environment safety....

Authors: Mo Zhong Hu, Yan Hua Fan, Qiu Quan Zhao

Abstract: The emergence of urban complex is a necessity of the generally accepted concepts--moderate concentration of the city, compact development of...

Authors: L. Alonso, C. Bedoya, B. Lauret, F. Alonso

Abstract: This article examines a new lightweight, slim, high energy efficient, light-transmitting, self-supporting envelope system, providing for...

Authors: Guo Liang Zhou, Qing Li Meng

Abstract: Damages of adjacent bridge girders due to pounding observed in Wenchuan earthquake are introduced in this paper. Based on Niulanjiang Bridge...

Authors: Zhao Xia Chen, Ling Wang, Lian Yu Wei

Abstract: In this paper, the feasibility of river sludge subgrade with construction waste is studied through CBR test and limit moisture content test....


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