Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Ying Li

Abstract: Green Walls have many benefits,such as decorating elevation, protecting building envelope, reducing energy consumption and so on . This...

Authors: Jun Ye, Hong Qiang Fang

Abstract: Base on renewal transformation practice of urban buildings, firstly new green reconstruction ideas are put forward aiming at improving and...

Authors: Hui Hong Feng, Jing Si Chen

Abstract: As the monitoring subject of construction engineering investment, engineering project supervisor plays a vital role in the investment...

Authors: Hui Hong Feng, Xiao Ping Ding

Abstract: Design stage is the key stage of investment control in highway engineering. The advantages and disadvantages of design scheme quality will...

Authors: Hui Hong Feng, Yu Chen

Abstract: The cost management for construction enterprises is an important link of whole process engineering cost control in project construction....

Authors: Li Guo Ma, Hong Wei Song

Abstract: It has economical and social value to build energy-saving architectures. Foamed concrete is commonly used as non-load bearing structure to...

Authors: Yu Chao Tang, Xian Huai Huang, Li Hua Tang, Xin Li, Li Ping Xue, Yuan Jun Yao, Li Juan Wang

Abstract: Arsenite(III) and arsenate(V) removal from low-arsenic concentration drinking water by amorphous and anatase TiO2 adsorbents were...

Authors: Yi Fang Zhao

Abstract: Based on the build-and-run cycle of the energy-conservation building, this paper studied from the perspective of building energy-saving. It...

Authors: Xiao Long Chen, Ning Zhang, Ting Ting Yu

Abstract: Facing the increasingly serious energy and climate crisis, the concept of low-carbon indicates development direction for building...

Authors: Yong Wu, Xiao Qing Zhu, Shu Hong Zhao

Abstract: The paper researched on the application of model language in architectural teaching, and beginning with the record of the whole process of a...


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