Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bai Tao Mao

Abstract: A city high-rise building of the environmental balance, and its prominent position in the image and the place has a special symbol. However,...

Authors: Chang Peng Liu, Wei Ming Yan, Yan Jiang Chen, Da Xing Zhou, Xi Gang Zhang

Abstract: At the beginning of the 21st century, Su-tong and Stonecutters cable-stayed bridges were born into the world, which make the original span...

Authors: Xin Ning

Abstract: Construction site layout planning (CSLP) is one of the critical activities in construction planning conducted by the managers on the...

Authors: Jian Nan Chen, Hsien Te Lin, Ming Chin Ho

Abstract: This paper introduces the Green Factory Building Evaluation System (called EEWH-GF) in Taiwan. EEWH-GF is aimed at industrial building,...

Authors: Jia Wei Chen, Lan Xiang Chen, Nan Kuang, Hui Chen, Pei De Huang, Xin Guang Lv

Abstract: Urban color planning is a very complex issue. It is diffcult to carry out overall planning and color management scientifically relies on...

Authors: Zhi Min He, Jun Zhe Liu, Tian Hong Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a laboratory study on the effect of air entraining agent on the performance of thermal insulating mortar with glazed...

Authors: Wei Zheng, Yi Fei Chen

Abstract: Strictly speaking, the indoor environment intelligent control system can not only detect the parameters of indoor environment, the state of...

Authors: Hai Jie Ge, Xing Xin Lin, Hai Bei Xiong

Abstract: Two same concrete experimental models are made to simulate solid buildings with the control variable method, by making 100% coverage of roof...

Authors: Ji Chao Zhang, Nan Li, Lei Ji

Abstract: Based on the need of housing industrialization, using full-scale models, this paper investigated the seismic behavior of pre-cast concrete...

Authors: Ji Chao Zhang, Guan Gen Zhou, Xu Ma, Shan Min

Abstract: Based on the installation process of mega complex steel frame structure in Guangdong Science Center, the engineering features and...


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