Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhao

Abstract: According to random field theory, combined with the construction of the characteristics of reinforced concrete structures, based on the...

Authors: Yue Dong Sun, Yu Ming Lin

Abstract: How to ensure the whole stability of structure and avoid progressive collapse of structure caused by destruction of local structures under...

Authors: Xin Yuan Yang, Jing Hai Zhou

Abstract: With the development of building energy-saving in China, energy performance contracting, a new energy management system is introduced....

Authors: Guang Jun Liu, Hong Mei Zhu

Abstract: There were some problems in the building envelop of Huangmuchang village of Zhangjiawan town of Tongzhou zone Beijing city, as a...

Authors: Wen Bai Liu, Xia Li

Abstract: Mechanical properties of recycled concrete under different conditions were studied in this paper. Based on three kinds of replacement...

Authors: Chih Hong Huang, Kuang Yu Wang

Abstract: Aerosol particles in urban areas are deposited in street canyons due to the wind field generated by building blocks. The purpose of this...

Authors: Jian Hui Yang, Rong Ling Sun, Zheng Hao Yang, Xin Yang Lin, Hai Cheng Niu

Abstract: Continuous (or generalized) octahedral element bodies can be obtained by intercepting a cube with three groups of failure (or yield) planes...

Authors: Jian Hui Yang, Yu Wang, Zheng Zhuan Xiong

Abstract: It is difficult to reach the request that 65% standard of building energy in china and the goal of China’s science and technology...

Authors: Jian Hui Yang, Ling Yan Lv, Zheng Zhuan Xiong

Abstract: According to the implementation of about 65% of the building energy efficiency standards in china, the existing external wall insulation...

Authors: Hui Tong, Bin Zhao, Bin Li

Abstract: Green building is the integration and combination of multiple construction techniques based on the idea of green building. The practice of...


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