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Authors: Pei Qiang
Abstract: Using the monitoring data, an expression of ground settlement with associated coordinates above shield tunnel during construction was established, in which coefficients were obtained by the least square method. After transforming this expression into a standard form of elliptic umbilic catastrophe model, the instability criterion for the soil above shield tunnel was determined with the analysis of this model. Instability criterion values were thereafter obtained then the soil state would be judged according to these values. Three cases in different regions in China, referred to Bund Channel in Shanghai, metro line 1 in Chengdu City and metro line 4 in Beijing, were presented. They showed that the method developed in this paper was suitable in analyzing and forecasting the stabilities of soil above shield tunnels.
Authors: Bing Yan
Abstract: This paper analyze the economic evaluation method based on the LEED evaluation system, and estimate the benefits arose from green bullding to different people which could promote the development of green building in a healthy bring in the life-cycle theory and improve the index of economic evaluation of green building evaluation system based on LEED.And advise to analyze the benefit of green building in the way of project goal, to establish a new evaluation method about different people effectively.
Authors: Ming Liang, Xiao Lin Zhu, Jing Yin
Abstract: If " Four faces surrounded by lotuses and three by willows, mountain scenery as the whole city and half covered by lake." is the wonderful portraiture of the Spring city Jinan, then "Every family has springs and willow " is the real description of Hibiscus Street and its surrounding houses. Hibiscus Street is located in the heart of the old city, the residential architecture has been preserved relatively intact. Though Hibiscus Street located in the north, it has characteristics of the southern residential, that is why it has important research values.
Authors: Shun Sheng Wang, Chuan Chang Gao
Abstract: Analysis the development and characteristics of eco-city theory,a case study of Zhengzhou new area, research on the practical application about planning and construction of urban based on eco-city theory,results show that:we should make eco-city theory combined with the actual circumstances of our country, and the ecological urban develop toward the healthy direction.
Authors: Yong Sheng Liu, Dong Gao
Abstract: Basalt fiber is a new type of high-performance fibers and it is widely studied and used in civil engineering. In this paper a super-thin basalt fiber was used and the samples of basalt fiber reinforced concrete (BFRC) were made, then the impact compressive experiments were conducted by SHPB and the factor of fiber content and loading velocity were study. The experimental result show that the super-short basalt fiber could increase the limit formation and change the failure modes of the sample, but it did not enhanced the strength of the concrete. The result also showed the limit load and deformation increase as the loading rate and it show that the BFRC have strain rate effect. Besides, based on the results of the experiments, the ZWT constitutive model being used, and the constitutive parameter were fitted.
Authors: Shi Qi Cui, Xu Wen Kong, Can Dong, Feng Chuan Gu, Hong Di Lv
Abstract: Using SEM observation and X-ray diffraction analysis, explore the growth mechanism of green high performance concrete strength, study the microstructure of green high performance concrete as well as the species and state of products, to prove fly ash, mineral powder and additive can greatly enhance the strength, density and durability of concrete, and finally make low-strength concrete satisfy the need of green high performance.
Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Zhuo Fu Wang, Jun Li
Abstract: Considering the external characteristics of building energy efficiency, the essay points out the necessity for incentive mechanism design. Building energy regulation should take into account the building owner's participation constraint and incentive compatibility constraint. The asymmetry of information about building energy should be considered, then the game model under asymmetric information can be established. This paper proved that optimal mechanism of non-symmetric information was different from the asymmetric information. According to the analysis of the paper,incentive mechanism is necessary for the government.
Authors: Da Hua Li, Ya Wang
Abstract: The Hefei Grand Theatre owns construction area of 60000 square meters. It has been honored as “construction of energy-saving demonstration projects” of the Ministry of Construction and “new technology construction demonstration projects of Anhui Province” just after it was opened in the early 2010. The design and the construction of the Hefei Grand Theatre apply and create many new technology and technique, of which many key technology devices are the same with the National Grand Theatre. Furthermore, the Theatre realized the goal that saves 50% energy. In all, the integrated technique function achieved the first-class standard in the world.
Authors: Hong Bo Tan, Bao Guo Ma, Kai Ke, Jun Xiao
Abstract: Several polycarboxylic acid type water-reducing agents (PCs) with different side-chain structure have been synthesized. The effect of side-chain structure of PCs on hydration of C3A has been investigated by XRD, TG-DSC and SEM. The results show that PCs restrain hydration of C3A as a whole, but accelerate the transformation from C2AH8 to Al (OH) 3 and C3AH6; for structure of the PCs, the bigger molecular weight of long-side-chain of PCs is advantage to restrain hydration of C3A. And it also is better to formation of six-party flake hydrated products. But the little molecular weight of long-side-chain of PCs tends to form the cube-shaped hydrated products.
Authors: Sheng Sun, Pun Jun Jin
Abstract: This paper briefly introduces silicone and the material’s properties and performance, and explains the silicone polymer with high-performance used in building innovative preservation, furthermore, the protection mechanism of silicones was presented. It shows that silicones can improve thousands of building materials work better and make architecture have longer life.

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