Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Jie Jiang, Li Yin Shen, Yi Peng, Li Zhou

Abstract: This paper identifies a set of critical assessment indicators (CAIs) that can evaluate the multifaceted benefits of rural infrastructure...

Authors: Yan Li, Jian Cheng Kang, Chao Liu

Abstract: Kuroshio influences hydrological-climate environment of East China Sea by exchanging heat and salinity. It has great influence on...

Authors: Xue Ying Wang, Ya Jun Wu, Dong Xu

Abstract: Proceed with basic passive solar construction parts,analysis and state thermal storage,heating accumulation and consumption process of...

Authors: De Wei Fang

Abstract: Solving the housing problem for urban low-income people is one of important issues of the housing policy and urban planning in China. Shanty...

Authors: De Wei Fang

Abstract: Deep water coastline and ecological environment are natural resources that the development of port city will depend on. Driven by economy...

Authors: Yun Xue, Guo Ming Dong, Hui Xia Wen

Abstract: China building energy-saving technology is in the early stages of the development with energy high consumption and low energy efficiency. It...

Authors: Li Ying Wang, Qiu Shi Hao

Abstract: In this thesis, it starts from the status of China's energy consumption and energy efficiency application, analysis our country’s existing...

Authors: Kang Cai Nie, Bin Shi, Le Pan

Abstract: The concept of low-carbon city, low-carbon communities is increasingly well known, the relevant theory of low-carbon, low carbon planning...

Authors: Dan Zhang, Fa Hui Wang, Bo Lei, Yan Ping Yuan, Xiao Ling Cao

Abstract: By studying the features of vertical u-tube ground heat exchangers, with the consideration of the mutual interference between heat exchanger...

Authors: Xiu Zhu Sun, Liao Wu

Abstract: The conventional design method of tall building is made the superstructure, foundation and subsoil to three separate forms and calculate...


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