Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wang Hu Sun

Abstract: On the basis of Man’s three major relations and harmonies, by analogy, this paper puts forward three harmonies in architecture — harmony...

Authors: Yang Cheng Li, Mei Gao

Abstract: Dynamic elasto-plastic analysis methods can actually indicate the characteristic of structure. This paper is concerned with the seismic...

Authors: Xu Hong Li, Yi Ning Chen, Cheng Min Li, Shao Ming Lin, Zi Wei Meng

Abstract: Based on the protection of historical bridge and the combination of landscape planning and design philosophy, an integrative design strategy...

Authors: Hong Xin Guan, Zeng Jie Luo, Qi Sen Zhang, Yang Xu

Abstract: Rut disease and anti-rut performance of a 13km very long uphill expressway was studied, which indicates that standard rut testing methods...

Authors: Hai Liang Wang, Zhen Yu Wang

Abstract: The stiffness, length and weight per unit length of the guiding beam had significant effect on the internal forces of the girder during the...

Authors: Wei Wang, Yang Liu, Lin Miao

Abstract: By demonstrating the economical efficiency and environmental friendliness of containers, this paper expatiates the development trend of...

Authors: Lin Wang, Xiao Long Cui, Ying Ying Tan, Yu Wang

Abstract: Based on conservation of mass, total mass balance equation and component mass balance equation, mathematical models of thermodynamic for the...

Authors: Min Chen, Qi Ming Li, Chao Qun Peng

Abstract: This paper utilizes the production function model as analysis model, selects gross product of construction industry of China as output (Q),...

Authors: Ai Min Wang

Abstract: In terms of architectural insulation materials, recycled materials, clean energy technology, architectural ventilation technology,...

Authors: Wen Yang Liu, Wen Fu Zhang

Abstract: In this paper two-way orthogonal-diagonal double-layer space grids structure is assumed as equivalent sandwich plate, and has been analyzed...


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