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Authors: Qing Liang, Jian Fei Liu, Jing Liu, Gang Xu
Abstract: The building energy consumption associated with the external wall insulation for different orientations and different exterior finishes has been evaluated using the simulation software EnergyPlus. The results suggest that in certain condition the thermal resistance of the external wall and the absorptance of the exterior finish should be high for heating dominated climate or room, while both of them should be low for cooling dominated climate or room for saving energy. Besides, it has different annual electricity savings for different external wall orientations at the same thickness of thermal insulation, so the insulation should be priority used for the external wall which has the largest saving potential.
Authors: Wen Hao Leu, Andrew S Chang
Abstract: Adopting the BOT (build-operate-transfer) delivery method for construction projects has brought opportunities for desired performance. Studies have investigated many issues of BOT projects such as concessionaire selection criteria or risk factors, but the soft issue of the status and psychology change of project participants from traditional DBB (design-bid-build) method is not investigated. This research explored the status and psychology of DBB and BOT project participants and drew implication for performance. By using the case study method, this study selected ten projects in which five from DBB and five from BOT methods; interviewed 36 owners, designers, constructors and other participants in 14 times; and analyzed and compared their design and construction work interaction, designer and constructor status, and owner and concessionaire psychology. It is found that for DBB civil projects performance would be stable because of completed design, more cautious owner, and respected designer that is good to performance. For BOT civil projects, performance would vary and the designer and constructor can better cooperate. The flexibility and vitality brought by the BOT mechanism should be better used to create better performance.
Authors: Wen Hui Zheng
Abstract: Nowadays, urban construction is developing vigorously in China, planning and development of urban waterfront is more valued. The paper comprehensively elaborates conceptual detailed planning of urban waterfront in parrot islet from angles of project overview, detailed planning of integrated plot along the river, road system, functional district of river beach, night scene and lighting design, social and environmental benefits. Through analysis of the case, the paper attempts to explore effective work pattern and research method regarding planning of urban waterfront under new situation in order to achieve the aims of improving ecological environment, promoting sustainable development of the city, building characteristic landscape, and elevating artistic quality and level of the city.
Authors: Sun Zhu, Li Chen
Abstract: Anande Temple originated from Myanmar, which belongs to Theravada Buddhism. Anande was the son of the Sakyamuni’s uncle, Hufan, and he finally became one of the Ten Great Disciples of Sakyamuni. Dedicated to the Buddhist temple, AnandeTemple is the most important Theravada Buddhist temple. According to literature, this kind of architectural style has only two buildings: one is AnandeTemple in Myanmar, the other is Gude Temple in Wuhan.This article mainly discusses the idea of restoration programming system of Gude Temple, one of the four jungles in Wuhan city. From the different characteristics in cultural value and architectural space layout represented by “Tianzhu standard” and “Garan seven standard”, the author explains the overall cultural understanding of Gude Temple and program the system with the consideration of cultural and environmental factors.
Authors: Cheng Zhang, Si Wei Wang
Abstract: Through the research and analysis of Shanghai Port Container transportation capacity, we can see that the construction of underground container transport system is important to transfer Shanghai into an international hub. Combined the functional orientation of the concept program of underground container lines with the underground characteristics of the container transport system, a system of evaluation target has been set up. Sorted the concept lines by using AHP-Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, the result can reflect the actual situation of concept lines objectively, and can also provide optimizational service for the concept program of underground container line.
Authors: Qiang Liu, Jun Jie Zhang, Jun Ma, Nan Shi
Abstract: This article makes a theoretical exploration on the old industrial buildings which are a special architectural type in the renewal process of the city construction, introducing its reusing development history, and analyzing its theoretical basis and mode patterns. Focused on the ecological measures in the reconstruction and reusing process, this article analyzes its feasibility and development direction, examining its practical operation through combining with the analysis of specific projects, thus making a profound research on its ecological reconstruction modes. In essence, this article is an attempt to seek for an ecological and sustainable developing way which is in accordance with the China’s national conditions and is able to accelerate the process of reusing old industrial buildings.
Authors: Xiao Jun Tian, Xiao Nan Gong, Meng Meng Lu, Ning Wang
Abstract: Based on axisymmetric consolidation model, using a new initial condition derived from equilibrium equations and equal strain assumption, and considering the gradual variation of compression modulus and horizontal permeability of disturbed soils, an analytical solution was derived for the consolidation of composite ground with weak drainage columns subjected to an instant loading. Two types of variation patterns of compression modulus of the disturbed zone were considered. The consolidation behavior of composite ground with weak drainage columns was subsequently investigated in consideration of disturbance. The results show that without considering the gradual variation of compression modulus of the disturbed zone will underestimate the rate of consolidation; the size of disturbed zone has a greater influence on the consolidation rate; the larger the disturbed zone, the faster the consolidation rate is; the consolidation is faster if the linear distribution pattern of the variation of compression modulus of the disturbed zone is considered; the consolidation is slower if the exponential distribution pattern is considered.
Authors: Wei Wang, Jing Ma
Abstract: There is about 80 percent heat passing from roof into storehouse. A contrastive test is carried through on improvement of the heat insulation of grain storehouse’s roof, adopting aluminum foil with large reflection coefficient and low radiant coefficient and hard-forth urethane with low heat transfer coefficient. The result indicates both of the two materials have a better effect, especially combination with them. It can not only decrease 4~5°C in storehouses and 3~4°C in grains at the highest temperature, but also delay aging of grain. However the aluminum foil will crack in more than two years. It shows superiority both in effect and natural life, according to the test which is conducted using sun proof paint as substitute for aluminum foil. The conclusion is that it is a preferable technical measure of improvement of the heat insulation to sprinkle paint of heat insulation and sun proof and forth urethane on roof of storehouses built.
Authors: Feng Lan Li, Shan Zhao, Su Yang, Li Xin Liu, Chen Xiao Song
Abstract: The behaviors of linkage of built-in insulation reinforced concrete composite wall subjected to gravity load were experimental studied in this paper. The gravity load was computed as the sum of self-weights of thermal insulation layer, external concrete cover and surface decoration materials. Steel tube with square section was designed as the linkage. Two specimens modeling practical RCCW were cast and tested in Lab, many rectangular steel plates were used to simulated the uniformly distributed load on surface of external concrete cover. The relative displacement between inside structural reinforced concrete wall and external concrete cover, the strains of surface concrete and steel tube walls were measured. Tests were finished when load was over 3.24 times of design value, no relative displacement and only smaller concrete strains were observed, maximum tensile and compressive stresses of steel tube walls were only 6.3 % of design strength. It is concluded that the linkages are safe and the entirety of RCCW is good enough to satisfy the design requirements.
Authors: Feng Lan Li, Shan Zhao, Su Yang, Li Xin Liu, Chen Xiao Song
Abstract: The behaviors of linkage of built-in insulation reinforced concrete composite wall subjected to wind load were experimental studied in this paper. Three specimens modeling practical RCCW were cast and tested under static and repeated loads. The relative displacement between inside structural reinforced concrete wall and external concrete cover, the strains of steel tube walls were measured. The results show that specimens damaged with cracks at interface between external concrete cover and thermal insulation layer when load was up to 11.3 times of design value, the maximum stress of steel tube walls reached 25.3 % design strength, the safety factor is 1.67 when concrete cracked at steel tube. Therefore, the linkages are reliable to bear wind load on external concrete cover.

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