Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pan Xie

Abstract: To enable reliable prediction of the stress-strain behaviour of GFRP-confined concrete, the mechanical properties of GFRP tube needs to be...

Authors: Hong Shao, Ning Cao, Hong Kang Xiao

Abstract: A novel adsorption material was synthesized and characterized by the methods of X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The...

Authors: Hong Shao, Ying Chun Song, Di Zhang

Abstract: Chitosan coated bentonite (CCB) was prepared by microwave irridiation, original bentonite as raw materials and chitosan as modifier. The...

Authors: Guo Feng Lou, Zhi Wen, Xun Xiang Liu, Xin Zhang, Kun Chan Zheng

Abstract: In the paper, a 1-D unsteady mathematical model is used to analyze the cooling process of high temperature sinter. The modeling result is...

Authors: Yi Qiang Liu, Hong Bin Liu, Guang Li

Abstract: Using the industrial wastes such as fly ash, phyllite and ove tails, the light ordinary type and high strength ceramsite are produced based...

Authors: Wan Zhi Cao, Hong Zhen Wang, Qing Xia Sun

Abstract: Introduce the realizing the non-load bearing walls material products of building energy conservation and durable fire integration, which is...

Authors: Ping Gong

Abstract: Based on the life cycle evaluation system and Fuzzy Mathematics Hierarchy Process,analysted the factors which influenced environment on wall...

Authors: Shao Wen Du, Wei Xu, Shan Shan Li

Abstract: The mechanical properties of foam asphalt mixture are investigated, including indirect tensile strength (ITS), moisture resistance, rutting...

Authors: Zhi Fei Liao, Guo Lin Song, Feng Shi, Zhan Song Yin, You Yang, Zhun Niu, Guo Yi Tang

Abstract: The PLA/Rice straw fiber composites with various content ratios were prepared by using an internal mixer and a flatten press. The thermal...

Authors: Cui Ran Liu, Peng Li He, Huai Feng Tong

Abstract: Due to the complexity and variability of unsaturated soil, the permeability property of unsaturated soils is clearly different from that of...


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