Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ling Qi, Ling Ke Zeng, You Yu Fan

Abstract: Polycrystalline Ca3-xMgxCo4O9(x=0-0.3)ceramics were prepared by the sol–gel method combined with...

Authors: Peng Fei Xue, Da Ling Mao

Abstract: The deficiency of bond capacity of traditional cement mortar was exposed as the new wall materials were used widely. The...

Authors: Rui Yi

Abstract: Building materials for decoration are carriers for space art design to represent language, are material foundation for environment art...

Authors: Hui Dong Su, Hong Lei Du

Abstract: Titanium oxide coatings(TiO2/Ti) were formed on the titanium surface by micro-arc oxidation(MAO) in Na3PO4...

Authors: Yi Ying Luo, Xue Bin Yang, Zong Min Yu, Hou Ren Xiong, Hai Bin Jiang

Abstract: The heat transfer coefficients of two foam glass exterior thermal insulation walls were tested by weather-resistant testing instrument and...

Authors: Dan Ying Gao, Hui Hai, Jie Lei

Abstract: Based on the experiments on 10 specimens of steel fiber reinforced high strength concrete three-pile caps with the ratio of the model to the...

Authors: Dan Ying Gao, Yu Bin Zhu

Abstract: To study flexural performance of one-way slabs externally prestressed with GFRP tendons, a series of experiments were carried out....

Authors: Jing Hai Zhou, Chao Bi Zhang, Xian Hong Meng

Abstract: Through the seismic behavior of 4 pieces of concrete grill wall by pseudo- static test, the test sample destruction shape, the skeleton...

Authors: Ji Liang Zheng, Da Wei Qin

Abstract: Building material industry can absorb lots of scrap of chemical industry, metallurgical industry and coal industry. Through our further...

Authors: Yu Fei Chen, Yi Yue Xiao, Shi Xia Li, Xu Zhang

Abstract: Organic precursor of EP/PU was prepared by epoxy resin which was polyurethane toughened, and then modified epoxy resin adhesive was...


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