Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Mian Ruan, Jian Jin, Qi Chen, Tao Qian, Xu Fang Yao, Yi Chen, Wei Feng

Abstract: In this paper, the form of perforated brick holes under different thermal conductivity were measured. To meet the strength required in the...

Authors: S. Maheswaran, V. Ramesh Kumar, B. Bhuvaneshwari, G. S. Palani, Nagesh R. Iyer

Abstract: Utilization of industrial and agricultural waste products in the construction industry has been the focus of research for economical and...

Authors: Bing Wang, Ya Long Zhang, Xiao Liu

Abstract: For the purpose of correct theoretical evaluation about the bearing capacity of unbounded pre-stressing composite slab. According to the...

Authors: Ji Qing Zhu, Shao Peng Wu, Jin Jun Zhong, Dong Ming Wang

Abstract: Two classification methods for coarse recycled aggregate used in asphalt concrete were investigated in this paper, respectively classifying...

Authors: Jian Xin Xiong, Lan Tang, Xiao Qing Zhou

Abstract: LEED is the most authoritative green building appraisal system in the world, which is also the green building appraisal system’s leader in...

Authors: Gui Feng Liu, Zheng Fa Chen, Xue Xing Chen

Abstract: Although many people discussed the strength and durability of concrete with natural sand in severe environment, few people investigated the...

Authors: Hui Wang, Shi Ming Liu, Ling Ke Zeng

Abstract: Silica alcogels were prepared by hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid and condensation with NH4OH of ethanol diluted...

Authors: Shu Long Zheng, Hui Wang, Qi Tang

Abstract: The thermal properties of the crystal sandstone light ceramic products, nature sandstones, tiles and composite floorboards were analyzed and...

Authors: Ping Ouyang, Xian Ming Zhang

Abstract: A heterocyclic derivative of 3-(N-mono-n-lurylaminomethyl) quinazolin-4-one was synthesized and its tribological behavior as an...

Authors: Le Zhou, Hong Tao Liu, Kai Li

Abstract: To investigate further the bearing capacity of flexural members of GFRP(Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer)SR(steel-reinforced concrete) under...


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