Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Chen Liu, Li Li, Yan Gao

Abstract: According to the characteristics of regional FEEEP coordinated growth, the influential factors index system of regional FEEEP coordinated...

Authors: Wei Tian, Jin Chan Wang, Yu Cheng Ye, Wei Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an improved GA was proposed to minimum the disadvantages of classic GA. This modified GA improved the crossover and mutation...

Authors: Wen Xue Tan, Mei Sen Pan, Xiao Rong Xu

Abstract: The progress of Artificial intelligence and Information technology has been driving research of intelligent diagnosing, and the efficiency...

Authors: Zhi Xia Zhou, Jun Yan

Abstract: SCADA System, which is used to control the transfer of natural gas from long distance has been introduced in this paper. The system is based...

Authors: Ji Qing Li, Yan Yan Mei, Xiao Wei Zhou, Jiang Tao Zheng

Abstract: Based on the historic and current status of the development of tidal power station, the developments of tidal power station is reviewed in...

Authors: Qing Wu, Xiao Li Dong, Zhen Yu Xu, Xiao Yan Liu, Li Jun Liu, Xiao Qing Li, Ying Xu

Abstract: There are a lot of pipelines whose heat loss exceeds the limit of national standards after they are used a period of time in refining...

Authors: Chuan Ma, Li Jun Liu, Zhong Hua Dai, Xiao Yan Liu

Abstract: The unsteady state mathematic model was utilized to compute the transient temperature field and determine the heating power, and then a set...

Authors: Hai Yu, Lian Yong Wang, Tao Du

Abstract: In the paper, we take current relatively advanced, the most widely used flash smelting furnace, converter and rotary anode furnace as the...

Authors: Xun An Ning, Jian Bo Zhou, Jing Yong Liu, Zuo Yi Yang, Ning Zhang

Abstract: Butadiene is a kind of important material in the chemical engineering, and it is inflammable and explosive. Once it leaks to the air, fire...

Authors: Yan Xing

Abstract: This fundamental work deals with the biosorption removal of Co(II) using a Mycobacterium phlei strain. Several variables that have an...


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