Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Tian Niu, Qin Kui Guo, Mei Guo, Yi Li, Qun Hui Wang

Abstract: Monitoring and analysis of the content of five heavy metals (i.e., Cd, Hg, As, Pb and Cr) in soybean plantation soils in central Sanjiang...

Authors: Min Yi Huang, Ren Yan Duan, Xiao Li Ji

Abstract: In order to obtain a better insight of the possible threat of environmental factor to wildlife, especially to amphibians, we studied...

Authors: Guang Li, He Li Wang, Hui Long Qi, Yang Bai

Abstract: This paper study on surplus sludge of high pressure combined with thermal hydrolysis; investigate the start-up of ethanol-type fermentation....

Authors: Liang Shen, He Li Wang, Jing Xian Qi, Hun Chao Sun

Abstract: Using coagulation sedimentation process in the advanced treatment of urban secondary effluent which can be recycled to circulating cooling...

Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Hai Rong Wang, Li Zhang

Abstract: Workmen for the wastewater treatment advocated wastewater reusing in the conference which the technically development and strategic research...

Authors: Shu Yun Wang, Xiong Gang Xie, Xi Chen

Abstract: Stratified rock mass is widely existing in tunnel engineering. The most relevant feature of stratified rocks is the occurrence of very...

Authors: Yu Xiang Mao, Hai Lin Wang, Mei Wang

Abstract: Methylmercury (MeHg) production from inorganic mercury in natural environment leads to bioaccumulation in fish, putting human being under...

Authors: Cheng Lian Liu, Jin Song Zhan, Jian Hong Zhang

Abstract: Hwang et al. showed that the Chien et al.'s partially blind signature scheme based on RSA public cryptosystem could not meet the...

Authors: Hui Wang, Bin Li, Wei Fang Ma, Fan Gang Zeng, Hai Tao Fan, Chuan Feng Deng

Abstract: This paper takes the urban sewage as treatment target, analyses chemical phosphorous removal effect of PFS, PAC, PAFSI, PAFC and the PAFC...

Authors: Bin Li, Wei Fang Ma, Hui Wang, Fan Gang Zeng, Chuan Feng Deng, Hai Tao Fan

Abstract: This paper studied Beijing sanitary wastewater and investigated phosphorus removal effect and related factors under PFS and polyacrylamide...


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