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Authors: Rui Zhang, You Liang Ji
Abstract: According to the comprehensive detailed analysis of data such as, drilling core, logging and outcrop section, four kinds of sedimentary facies, namely, proluvial fan, braided river, shallow water braided river delta, and oxidative lacustrine, are recognized in Paleogene-Neogene of Maxian area in the northern margin of Qaidam basin. The evolution features of the sedimentary systems were analyzed in details: at the early forming stage of the lake basin (Paleocene-Eocene), proluvial fan -braided river depositional systems were developed in the study area. At the middle flourishing stage of the lake basin (Oligocene-Middle Pliocene), the main sedimentary systems were braided river-shallow braided river delta-oxidative lacustrine. Then the study area was dominated by proluvial fan-braided river-oxidative lacustrine depositional systems in the regression stage of the lake basin (Late Pliocene). The range of the depositional systems in low frequency sedimentary cycle was controlled by the multi-cycle tectonic uplifts and squeezing action of mountains around the study area. Paleoclimate and ancient landform controlled the high frequency change of the lacustrine level and supplied an advantage for the development of shallow braided river delta and oxidative lacustrine facies.
Authors: Wei He, Rong He, Feng Hu
Abstract: The soil under foundation of building deformed by the top load of which the value depended on not only the size and distribution of building loads, but also the type, distribution, and compression character of foundation soil. If the excessive pressure overloaded the foundation bearing capacity, the foundation would loss stability and breakage. Uneven foundation sedimentation will make the upper building crack. Therefore, the calculation method for foundation sedimentation is very important to guarantee the safety of buildings. In this paper, the calculation theories and methods for foundation sedimentation were compared and the relative preventive measures of disaster were illustrated.
Authors: Rong He, Wei He, Guo Hua Geng
Abstract: Based on ANSYS for modal analysis of bridges, the basic steps includes: building up the FEM model, applying the load and solving the model, expanding the mode, observing the results and so on. Taking the Friendship Avenue Arch Bridge as an example, the building procedures of FEM model were described from the definition of member section, element selection, and the determination of relevant attributes. At last, the dynamic characteristics of the bridge were analyzed based on ANSYS. The results showed that the first 10th order vibration frequencies of the Friendship Avenue Arch Bridge ranged from 1.3Hz to 3.1Hz, and the more order modes should be considered when calculated the dynamic response based on the mode superposition method.
Authors: Che Ming Chiang, Yi Chun Kuo, Po Cheng Chou
Abstract: The frequent occurrence of extreme climate phenomena around the world has not only resulted in rainstorm, snowstorm and other abnormal environmental phenomena, but also threatened the economy and lives of people; therefore, this study, oriented by the development of environmental assessment mode in residential communities in Taiwan under the changes of climate, based on SBTOOL, increased dimensions like “Community Symbiosis Environment and Life” and “Disaster Prevention and Community Security” for the assessment and obtained relative weights between different assessment indices, and, according to opinions of experts in Taiwan and analysis results, besides “Consumption of Energy and Resources” and “Environmental Load”, domestic experts also pay attention to the development of “Community Symbiosis Environment and Life” and “Disaster Prevention and Community Security”.
Authors: Zhi Ling Zhao, Chun Yi Duan, Ying Lin
Abstract: As a new detection technology,particle counter provides an indispensable data for optimizing and controlling water treatment process. Particle counter has been applied to water supplying in both domestic and overseas. There have been a lot of suggestions and applied researches now. Currently, particle count has been used for monitoring raw water, optimizing dosing quantity of flocculent, monitoring the effect of coagulation-sedimentation, surveying and evaluating the efficiency of filtering filter, monitoring water pipelines, and deep treatment, putting forward scientific and technical support for water treatment.
Authors: Jian Feng Wu
Abstract: The deficiency and vacancy of supervision during the operation of the Power, are always directly related to bull supervision and management which sometimes lead to multiple standards. Because people who manipulate power have different educational background, ideology and even faith, the abuse of power becomes liable. The existent power operation system entails not only the high operation cost and low efficiency but also the sanction shortage of supervision system and mechanism. Therefore, when we are attempting to achieve the reduction of operation costs and improve the efficiency of the supervision, we should first solve the deficiency and vacancy of supervision within the existent system, break the " versatile power operation system" concept, reform the mode of power allocation, and build a new integral supervision and management system in the power operation. In addition, we should also make use of modern electronic information surveillance platform, associate the anti-corruption control system with information, technology and accountability mechanism, in order to reduce the possibility of corruption on the level of heteronomy, and promote the scientific ,reasonable and effective anti-corruption. Corruption is a tumor of society. It reduces the credibility of the power sector and affect the political environment of society. Especially grassroots power departments and functional departments, accompanied by the absence of people's faith and the regradation of morality, present the multiple and diverse forms of corruption, this situation highlights importance of the reform toward the corruption of supervision. It is an urgent need of both the social development and the institutional reform to build a scientific and rational power supervision system and to realize the scientific anti-corruption. As the party and our country are developing, the construction of anti-corruption is now facing many new conflicts and problems that the organs and sections are arbitrarily internalizing the "insiders" and not following the rules to deal with problems and that the nonfeasance of supervising department still cannot be eluded. Nowadays we can clearly see that the anti-corruption work is continuously proceeding with achievements; On the other hand, as the corruption is effectively under control, there are many new features and problems coming out; corruption is in a new guise, and switching techniques, the hidden corrupt network is still functioning throughout the anti-corruption, the situation is still severe, and the task is also still arduous.
Authors: Ping Yu Tsia, Huang Liang Li, Jen Chi Fu, Kuo Ching Chiou, Yung Tang Shen, Cheng Chih Liu, Ching I Wu, Cheng Kai Weng
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to explore if there was a significant effect on debasing impurity, current and pH value by four common aquatic plants: Taros, Water Hyacinth, Water Spinach, and Water Cabbage. The duration of the experiment was 31 days. The researchers observed and recorded the change of impurity, current and pH value. Furthermore, the researchers utilized MANOVA to analyze the data collected and to explore if there was a significant effect on purifying polluted water by four aquatic plants. According to the results, there was a significant difference on debasing impurity and pH value among the four aquatic plants. These four aquatic plants were able to debase impurity in order as Water Cabbage, Water Hyacinth, Water Spinach and Taros. The effects of debasing impurity were in order as Water Hyacinth, Water Cabbage, Taros, and Water Spinach.
Authors: Guang Ying Ye, Hong Fang Feng, Qiu Ping Chen, Cheng Biao Yu
Abstract: based on the theory of “food capture”, adopted BL-1 rainfall rocket with various resources, choose three typical cases to estimate catalyst dosage. Describe the practical bomb number might much more than theory. Different scale and development means different lunched bomb. At the same time, save bomb cost under the circumstance of hail suppression.
Authors: Ling Huang, Zi Hui Wei, Shu Liang Ji
Abstract: To study the photocatalytic of nano-crystalline TiO2 and P/TiO2, nano-TiO2 and P/TiO2 photocatalyst was synthesized by sol-gel process. In the examination, with C2H5OH as solvent, Ti(OBu)4 as precursor and glacial acetic acid as inhibitor. The effect of gelation time by different reaction factors was studied during the examination. The optimum reaction conditions for preparing transparent stable TiO2 gelation are that the temperature is kept at 40°C, the pH value of solution is 2.5,and the molar ration of Ti(OBu) 4:C2H5OH:H2O:CH3COOH is 1:2.5:5:1.5.On this basis, the P/TiO2 composite materials were prepared. The microstructure,morphology and photocatalytic activities of as-prepared nano-TiO2 were studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and ultraviolet-visible (UV-vis) spectrophotometer,the photocatalytic efficiency was studied by investigating the photodegradation of methyl orange. Compared with pure nano-TiO2,P/TiO2 had better photocatalytic activities under UV, but little improved under Vis.
Authors: Saeed Ahme Al Sheikh
Abstract: In the late few years, Egypt has been suffering from a dark clouds resulting from burning rice husk. Studies have been undergoing to study the possibility of using rice husk instead of burning it and soiling environment. The construction industry plays an important role in many countries. Waste materials are new challenge choice for use as construction materials, because construction materials coming from a natural source are irreversible. Rice Husk Ash (RHA) is one of waste materials from agricultural industry. It has some special characteristics that can enhance the properties of concrete, when it is used as a part of the ingredients in concrete mixes. The objective of this paper is to study the mechanical properties of concrete containing ordinary Portland cement, rice husk ash and super plasticizer compared to the silica fume concrete. The water cement ratio was equal to 35% by weight for all tested specimens whereas the slump was constant at 100 +/- 20 mm.

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