Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Yu, Jun Zhao

Abstract: For the conditions of coal seam with huge thickness, structural complexity and intrusion by pyrolith in Datong carboniferous period, using...

Authors: Dao Ming Zhang, Xue Dong Guo, Ming Liang Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the transverse reflection crack of concrete composite lay in old bridge reinforcement, aiming at the forming process of...

Authors: Jun Cheng, Ya Dong Gong, Yue Ming Liu

Abstract: This study presents a practical requirement and realizes one new virtual construction interactive system for tunnel boring machine. One type...

Authors: Wu Lian Zhang, Xin Ding, Xu Dong Yang

Abstract: To recognize the interrelationship of plastic deformation with strain and time, uniaxial tension relaxation experiments of PVC coated plain...

Authors: Fan Hong Kong, Huai Zhu Wang, Qun Li Zhang

Abstract: In severe cold area, the exterior layers of envelope usually experience seasonal freezing /thawing due to cold climate in winter. However,...

Authors: Ming Lei

Abstract: Several viewpoints of vacuum preloading mechanism were analyzed. Action process of vacuum preloading was compartmentalized three phases....

Authors: Hao Hao Jiang

Abstract: The construction technical management occupies an important place for ensuring the construction quality in the project construction...

Authors: Chang Yu Li, Han Bing Liu, Hai Bin Wei

Abstract: In this paper, by studying the engineering properties of rubber particles-improved fly ash soil, the authors provide technical parameters...

Authors: Hui Hu, Wen Ge Qiu

Abstract: Water sand and gravel stratum is characterized by high gravel content, big grain size and high strength, easy permeation for water and air,...

Authors: Ming Yang, Qian Sun, Cai Yun Li

Abstract: Polystyrene microspheres were prepared by the emulsifier-free polymerization method. Using the polystyrene microspheres as seeds,...


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