Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Rui Liu, Bao Yu Li, Dong Tai Han, Xue Yong Lv

Abstract: Capillary tube, a efficient and energy conservation heat exchanger, has been widely used abroad. In china, the research of air-condition...

Authors: Jiang Xiong Wang, Jun Wen, Fu Xia Zhang

Abstract: The climatic and geographic characteristics in the Yunnan basin are introduced and characteristics of precipitation,runof and silting in the...

Authors: Wei Yong Huang, Li Wang

Abstract: The paper summarized and thought problems existing in construction of the urban garden landscape, and analyzed the applicable advantages,...

Authors: Xiu Ying Liu

Abstract: This paper designs the physical model as geological conditions of XinZhi mine 2204 face of Huozhou Bureau of Mines in Shanxi province, it...

Authors: Chang Xian Cheng

Abstract: Today’s industrial design has gone beyond the traditional product design. China is in the transfer process from the world's manufacturing...

Authors: Hai Bo Ma, Quan Yuan, Yan Qiu Zhu, Xin Ye

Abstract: In order to improve long-term durability of bioprosthetic heart valve, we take the spherical,paraboloidal,cylindrical and the ellipsoidal...

Authors: Wei Ping Peng, Yan Ting Huang, Dao Ming Wang

Abstract: Universal-rod steel-shuttering jumbo (URSSJ), as a key construction equipment for tailrace tunnel lining of underground plant in Pubugou...

Authors: Yu Xian Ding, Jia Rui Wang, Yu Xin Ding

Abstract: The development of economic has cause many problems about emerging and dense concentration of High-rise buildings in Baotou,so that the...

Authors: Xun Zhong

Abstract: Cement paste and concrete with different molecular weight of side-chain of polycarboxylic acid type water reducer (PC) and retarder has been...

Authors: Jin Song Gui, Zhen Guo Li, Guo Qiang Chen, Qing Meng, Bo Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a geotechnical finite element software PLAXIS is used for the nonlinear finite element analysis of elastic long pile under...


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