Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Peng Wang, Zhen Qiu Shen, Yi Zhang, Dong Xu Li

Abstract: This paper studied on preparation, mechanical and thermal properties of two PCM wallboards made of gypsum and paraffin composite, PCM...

Authors: Xue Chen, Qiu Yi Li

Abstract: The basic properties and its influences on mortar properties are studied for the purpose of using recycled fine powder. Results show that...

Authors: Ben Ju Yang, Qiu Yi Li, Song Gao, Tao Li

Abstract: A concrete sulfate corrosion-resistance admixture is developed with anhydrous calcium sulfo aluminate (C-S-A), super fine slag powder (P800)...

Authors: Mei Yan Hang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the frost resistance on different water-cement ratio of concrete after the air-entraining agent admixture. When the gas is...

Authors: An Nan Jiang, Peng Li

Abstract: The uniform zonal disintegration of surrounding rock is the peculiar phenomena of deep and high stress field, researching the inner...

Authors: Zhan Ping Song, An Nan Jiang

Abstract: Aiming at that general Finite Element Method is difficult to simulate the complex tunnel excavation inducing the second stresses adjusting,...

Authors: Qiong Li, Hong Wei Liu, Lei Cui, Tian Quan Pan

Abstract: This paper summarizes existing evaluation methods of ground heat exchanger performance. Based on the characteristics of heat transfer in...

Authors: Qun Chen, Yan Bing Ye

Abstract: Constructions in Dong inhabit houses respond to the cosmopolitan ecological thought “Man and nature live in harmony” with landscape of...

Authors: Xiao Lu Wang, Xiao Xiong Zha

Abstract: Experimental results on tensile mechanics properties of GFRP bars at high temperatures are present in this paper. Thirty commercially...

Authors: Xiao Xiong Zha, Kai Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents the idea of mixing waste cement mortar into foam concrete block, and gets the foam concrete testing models with the...


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