Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Zhang, Yan Li Zhang

Abstract: A new modified organo-bentonite using dithizone(D-O-bentonite) was used for preconcentration, separation and determination of silver(I) in...

Authors: Dong Zhang, Yan Li Zhang

Abstract: The adsorption capability of nano-barium-strontium titanate coated by dithizone(BST- dithizone) for mercury in environmental water samples...

Authors: Xue Bin Yang, De Fa Sun, Xiang Jiang Zhou, Ling Ling Cai, Ying Ji

Abstract: The indoor thermal comfort and its effect on building energy consumption have been conducted by literature reviewing in the study. The...

Authors: Xue Bin Yang, De Fa Sun, Xiang Jiang Zhou, Ji Chun Yang

Abstract: This study reviews some published literatures on the benchmarking and ranking guidelines, tools and comparison of buildings. Energy...

Authors: Xing Guo Wang, Li Li, Yu Zhou Zheng, Yi Xing Wang

Abstract: The magnetized water which is used to mix concrete can improve the performance of concrete. This paper presents the effect of magnetized...

Authors: Yan Li, Wen Biao Liang, Er Gang Xiong, Jun Hai Zhao

Abstract: To promote the enterprise of wind power generation, optimize the structure of wind power tower and improve the generating efficiency, a...

Authors: Xue Dong Guo, Xiang Yang Fang, Jian Cao

Abstract: In this study, we can measure the permeability of Marshall specimens by modified osmotic pressure meter, which is improved by osmotic...

Authors: Yu Dong Jiang, Xiao Lan Cai, Kai Jun Wang

Abstract: Bronze powders were prepared using high-energy ball mill method. Effects of different additives on particle size and its distribution,...

Authors: Zi Jian Wang, Li Ming Wu, Huan Xiong

Abstract: Besides live loads like cars,earthquakes and people,wind loads should not be neglected on small bridges in mountainous areas,especially by...

Authors: Jie Jia, Gen Hua Zhang, Jian Yong Lai, Huan Ling

Abstract: To obtain a faster response speed and higher synchronization accuracy, the paper firstly discusses the difficulties and disadvantages of...


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