Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Wu, Qi Lin Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental investigation of longitudinally welded aluminum I-section beams subjected to concentrated force. The...

Authors: Hui Wen Chuang, Hsien Te Lin, Ming Chin Ho

Abstract: The Ecological Community Evaluation System (EEWH-EC) of Taiwan was proposed in 2009 and is focused on evaluating the entire community. It is...

Authors: De Sheng Xiong, Fu Qin Han, Mo Chen

Abstract: Cement-based composites were prepared from rice husk and styrene-acrylic emulsion (SAE) with semi-dry production process. The volume of SAE,...

Authors: Qian Zhu, Jun Hai Zhao, Xue Ying Wei, Juan Wang, Su Wang

Abstract: Recycling of waste concrete is beneficial and necessary from the viewpoint of environmental preservation and effective utilization of...

Authors: Nan Liu Liu, Wei Xu

Abstract: Ultra-long highly ordered organic nanowires arrays were in situ self-assembled directly on the silicon substrate over a large...

Authors: Dong Zhang, Teng Huang, Jing Cao Song

Abstract: This paper presents a method for automatic CAD model reconstruction from 3D laser scanning data. 3D laser scanning is a surveying instrument...

Authors: Yao Jie Guo, De Wei Zeng, Yan Zhou Chen

Abstract: Tests and the finite element method (FEM) have been used to research the mechanical behavior of floor beams in the new cold-formed steel...

Authors: Hong Xia Qiao, Hui Cao, Hong Fa Yu, Zhong Mao He

Abstract: After the assessment targets on concrete performance of anti-sulfate erosion were optimum designed rationally to be assessment parameters,...

Authors: Dong Zhang

Abstract: A new method based on the sorption of the nano-barium strontium titanate immobilized on the silica gel G(GBST) to heavy metal ions, included...

Authors: Dong Zhang

Abstract: A new method for the adsorption and preconcentration of bismuth in urine was described. The methodology combines determined using a hydride...


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