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Authors: Xia Chun Huang, Han Yu Wang, Li Qun Zhou
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:In this paper, ABAQUS was used to simulate the stamping process for electrodeposited nickel coating. In the simulation, a built-in cohesive...
Authors: M.F.M. Yusof, C.K.E. Nizwan, Nordin Jamaludin, S. Abdullah
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:This paper present Acoustic Emission (AE) generated during fatigue mechanism of API5LX70 steel which was widely use as gas pipeline...
Authors: Mei Huang, Yan Xia, Jun Ming Guo, Ying Jie Zhang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Effect of calcination temperature on spinel LiMn2O4 by molten-salt flameless combustion synthesis using the lithium...
Authors: Su Qiu Jia, Sheng Jie Li, Hua Chen, Zhan Kui Zhao, Wen Ke Gao
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Zn-Al-Si cast alloys with different content Al and Si such as ZA11Si1, ZA24Si3 and ZA40Si5 were fabricated by metal mould. Zn-Al-Si alloys...
Authors: Yu Qiao Shan, Bao Qi Liang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:In this work, CrN/NbN nanometer multi-layers were deposited on the metal substrates by a dual-target DC reactive magnetron sputtering system....
Authors: Lian Yong Zhang, Zhuang Ma, Fang Hong Sun, Yan Hua Jiang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Phase transition cooling (PTC), using the absorbed latent heat during the melting of phase transition cooling medium to cool and solidify...
Authors: Z.X. Song, Dong Po Wang, G.A. Wei, C.H. Yang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Fatigue test was carried out on E36 steel no reinforcement welding joint under the same constant amplitude load with ultrasound fatigue...
Authors: Tao Ding, G.X. Chen, Z.G. Xiong, Li Xie, C.X. Wu
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:A serial of experiment studies on the friction and wear behaviors of the carbon strip/copper contact wire under the electric current were...
Authors: Sheng Hua Lv, Rui Jun Gao, Jian Ping Duan
Chapter 2: Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials
Abstract:Superplasticizers with various of length of side chains, density of the carboxylic (-COO-) and sulfonic groups (-SO3-) have been synthesized...
Authors: Shu Hua Liu, Zhi Yang Gao, Li Hua Li
Chapter 2: Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials
Abstract:In this testing research, a series of High Performance Recycled Aggregate Concrete (HPRAC) with recycled aggregate were prepared and their...
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