Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Yang Zhang, Rui Zhang, Xing Zhang, Cheng Cheng Wang

Abstract: Metal ceramic composite are adding ceramic particle powder to metal, also called powder dispersion reinforced materials, Its unique...

Authors: Wen Yang Chang, Te Hua Fang, Cheng Hong Syu

Abstract: Material characteristics of Zinc Oxide doped Al are investigated for microharvester. The microharvester include two parts, the first part is...

Authors: Wen Yang Chang, Cheng Hung Hsu

Abstract: Fabrication, nanoindentation characteristics, and optical spectroscopy of patterned ITO for multi-touch panel are investigated. The...

Authors: Jia Ping Xie, Xue Zhe Wei, Hai Feng Dai

Abstract: The necessity of the Li-ion battery balancing is elaborated by this paper. It also introduces the classification of the balancing method...

Authors: Shao Wei Hu, Jun Lu, Xiang Qian Fan

Abstract: As a modern nondestructive testing technology,acoustic emission which is the important research of fracture mechanics analysis method and...

Authors: Yan Shi Shi, Yu Guo Wang, Yang Yang, L.P. Sun, Bin Lin

Abstract: The grinding experiments of Quartz Fiber-Reinforced Quartz Composites(QFRQC) were conducted on MK9025 NC optical curve grinding machine....

Authors: You Xiang Ye, Sheng Hua Zhou, Yun Zhou

Abstract: Lead-free multiferroic magnetoelectric composites were prepared by incorporating the dispersed 0.4CoFe2O4...

Authors: Jun Lu

Abstract: Quantum computation is based on transformation of quantum states. Quantum bits are two-level quantum systems, and as the simplest elementary...

Authors: Yan Ming Wang, Gou Qing Shi, Xiao Xing Zhong, De Ming Wang

Abstract: Study on multivariate calibration for infrared spectrum of coal was presented. The discrete wavelet transformation as pre-processing tool...

Authors: Sheng Hua Lv, Jian Ping Duan, Rui Jun Gao

Abstract: The effect of sodium sulfate on the dispersion of polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PC) was studied in this paper. The study of fluidity of...


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