Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Lin Tian, Zheng Liang, Lin Yang, Xue Qing Mei, Qing Gang Mei, Yu An Jia

Abstract: With calculation results comparison of different throttle nozzle diameter value, This article analyses the flow field with throttle nozzle...

Authors: Ou Yang Ping, Xian Ming Zhang

Abstract: A heterocyclic derivative of 3-(N-mono-n-butylaminomethyl) quinazolin-4-one was synthesized and its tribological behavior as an ashless...

Authors: Shi Wei Cao, Wei Chen, Zhao Qian Jing

Abstract: Fly ash Ceramsite, Artificial Biofilter Bed, Dry Umbrella Bamboo, Phosphorus Removal Abstract: High calcium fly ash ceramsite had tremendous...

Authors: Jing Tao Yu, Ming Li Ding, Qi Wang

Abstract: To solve the fatigue damage location problem of helicopter moving component, a new approach for linear location of acoustic emission (AE)...

Authors: Yong Lian Zhang, Chong Hai Xu, Guang Yong Wu, Ming Dong Yi, Bin Fang

Abstract: Recent research progresses of design technologies for functionally gradient ceramic materials (FGCMs) at home and abroad are reviewed. The...

Authors: Yan Jin, Zhi Bing Tian

Abstract: In this thesis, a unidirectional solidification model of NH4Cl solution is developed. The dynamics processes of the unidirectional...

Authors: Jin Yan, Shi Liang Zhang, Juan Zhang

Abstract: Pipelines are used widely to convey fluids and gases in the petrochemical, water, and energy sectors. Vibration, noise and fatigue failure...

Authors: Guo Fu Feng, Ming Wang, Ming Chen, Tao Chi

Abstract: The molecular dynamics tool usually employs a neighbor list that contains the particle pairs for which non-bonded forces would be...

Authors: Hou Bin Li, Mei Juan Fan, Yi Fu Zhang, Chi Huang, Guang Yong Xie, Xing Hai Liu

Abstract: VO2(B) nanobelts have been successfully prepared in V2O5 and water mixed suspension assisted by polyvinyl...

Authors: Yan Xia, Mei Huang, Jun Ming Guo, Ying Jie Zhang

Abstract: Effect of nitric acid and the burning time on the liquid combustion synthesis of spinel LiMn2O4 has been studied,...


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