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Authors: Sheng Hua Lv, Ming Ming Hou
Chapter 3: Organic Polymer Materials
Abstract:A phenolic syntan GA-SHBS had been synthesized by radical copolymerization of gallic acid (GA) and sodium 4-hydroxybenzenesulfonate (SHBS)...
Authors: Sheng Hua Lv, Xiao Liang Yan, Rui Jun Gao
Chapter 3: Organic Polymer Materials
Abstract:The chitosan was degraded by hydrochloric acid and the effects of concentration of chitosan, amount of hydrochloric acid, reaction...
Authors: Sheng Hua Lv, Di Li
Chapter 3: Organic Polymer Materials
Abstract:The chloroprene rubber (CR) and trans isoprene rubber (TPI) combined with methyl methacrylate (MMA) and α-Methylacrylic acid (MAA) to obtain...
Authors: Li Li Zhang, Hong Wei Zhang, Xiang Hua Yao, Can Bang Zhang, Jia Jin Tian, Gui Yang Liu
Chapter 3: Organic Polymer Materials
Abstract:A new type of magnetic polymer microspheres with super paramagnetic properties were prepared by a co-precipitation method. Atomic absorption...
Authors: Huan Tang, Hui Wang, Biao Zhou, Ling Kun Chen
Chapter 3: Organic Polymer Materials
Abstract:Lead rubber bearings (LRB) is a new type of earthquake-resistance rubber bearings, formed by inserting lead-core into ordinary laminated...
Authors: Na Lu, Yi Guo Sun, Xiao Xiang Zheng
Chapter 3: Organic Polymer Materials
Abstract:Orientin, isolated from bamboo leaves, is an important natural antioxidant. It has been identified that orientin could protect myocardium...
Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Ying Ying Chen, Shu Juan Dai
Chapter 4: Composite Materials
Abstract:In this study, the biosorption of Malachite Green, a cationic dye from aqueous solution onto pretreated biomass of Penicilium sp. was...
Authors: Dai Hua He, Qian Zhao, Chang Bao Wang, Hao Zhang, Xiao Run Zhang, Ping Liu, Xin Kuan Liu
Chapter 4: Composite Materials
Abstract:The bioceramic hydroxyapaptie (HA) is frequently used as coat in titanium medical implants improving bone fixation and thus increasing a...
Authors: Zheng Cun Zhou, J. Du, H. Yang, S.Y. Gu, Y.J. Yan
Chapter 4: Composite Materials
Abstract:Ti-Nb alloys were prepared by powder metallurgy. Their microstructures are detected by the XRD diffraction and are observed using an optical...
Authors: Yong Hua Sheng, Hu Min Dai, Li Zhang
Chapter 4: Composite Materials
Abstract:Using mixing casting method, in-situ composite technology, rapid solidification process and powder metallurgic method etc. can parpare metal...
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