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Authors: Han Bing Liu, Yu Bo Jiao, Ya Feng Gong, Hai Peng Bi, Yan Yi Sun
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:A support vector machine (SVM) optimized by particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based damage identification method is proposed in this paper....
Authors: Xue Guang Li, Guo Quan Shi, Shu Ren Zhang, Lin Sen Song
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:According to the new profiling characteristic of carbide pinion cutter with convex curved rake face, the machining process of convex curved...
Authors: Shu Qiang Wang, Ke Wang, Xi Min Liu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The cutting of inner helical surfaces within the parts of screw machine is an important manufacturing technique. According to the principle...
Authors: Jun Lu, Shao Wei Hu, Xiang Qian Fan, Zhi Guo Niu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:In combination with a certain road tunnel instance Ningwu Highway,a working face rock ahead of forecast model is established. The prediction...
Authors: Jun Sun, Bei Ke Zhang, Chong Guang Wu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Simulation modeling VV&A is verification, validation and accreditation. In the field of petrochemical industry, focus of VV&A still...
Authors: Han Bing Liu, Yan Yi Sun, Yong Chun Cheng, Ping Jiang, Yu Bo Jiao
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Slope stability is the key to ensuring the safety of foundation pit construction. This paper is on the background of metro foundation pit...
Authors: Wan Hua Nong, Fei Gao, Rong Fu, Qing Jun Yu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The geometry and the arrangement of a brake pad for railway vehicles are the important influencing factors for distribution of the...
Authors: Yu Min He, Xi Chen, Xiao Long Zhang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Pipe crack identification method based on vibration has been researched by many people in recent years. The natural frequency plays an...
Authors: Yu Min He, Xi Chen, Xiao Long Zhang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Second generation wavelet (SGW) provides diversity and agility for constructing wavelet besides the multiresolution property. By introducing...
Authors: Yun Dong Sha, Ji Yong Li, Zhi Jun Gao
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Advanced aircraft and spacecraft structures are exposed to increasingly severe operating environments, including a combination of mechanical,...
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