Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Feng, Xiao Ming Meng, Xiao Long Wang, Guo Liang Lu

Abstract: This paper introduces a type of control and test system for internal combustion engine based on Serial bus and virtual instrument technique....

Authors: Xiang Fei Ye, Shao Wei Hu

Abstract: In order to research that how the degree of shear connection influence the static properties of composite beams such as the relative slip on...

Authors: Peng Yuan, Han Guan Xia, Xin Cun Zhuang, Hong Jun Zhao, Yi Dong, Zhen Zhao

Abstract: In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of housing with small fillets, various forming factors have been analyzed in this paper based on...

Authors: Hui Cheng Shao, Xing Yun Zhu, Ci Jian Luo

Abstract: In this paper, Lg wave records of 43 strong aftershocks in the northern segment of Wenchuan aftershock area recorded by 25 stations of...

Authors: Da Zhen Su, Xiao Qiang Yang, Jun Yan, Xiao Long Wang

Abstract: In order to overcome the difficulty of fault detection and clearing in the use and maintenance of a type of rocket mine-sweeping vehicle,...

Authors: Lei Chen, Pan Zhang, Hai Yan Wang, Ji An

Abstract: This paper discusses the configuration and the action principle of a new variable displacement of double-action vane pump, which consists of...

Authors: Qing Wu Wang, Shi Hui Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, in the Walker viscoplastic constitutive model equations are rewritten and the implicit Euler integration form of the Walker...

Authors: Jin Yun Liu, Cai Chu Xia

Abstract: Based on the research of numerical simulation of model experiment of water-conveyance tunnel in under soft soil, and three basic types of...

Authors: Yong Yi Li, Sheng Dun Zhao

Abstract: Extrusion tapping is a novel and important processing method of internal thread, carrying out research on the thread forming process can...

Authors: Jin Qiang Du, Yu Ting He, Rong Hong Cui, Zhi Ming Yu, Hua Ding

Abstract: There are some deficiencies in the former designed crack monitoring sensor, especially when crack initiates from both sides of hole. To...


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