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Authors: You Hong Xiao, Pei Lin Zhou
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:This paper presented results of a study on emission characteristics of diesel engines. A numerical simulation model for a diesel engine was...
Authors: Na Lu, Xiao Xiang Zheng
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Orientin, isolated from bamboo leaves, is an important natural antioxidant. It has been identified that orientin could protect myocardium...
Authors: Du Zhong Zhang, Quan Liu, Ning Zhou
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Battery management system (BMS) is the most important part of an electronic vehicle (EV), and the management module for single cell is the...
Authors: Hai Gang Sun, Yong Zhou
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Thermal design and the working temperature control have been a key factor in the design of electronic devices and system. In this paper, a...
Authors: Xian Bao Duan, Xin Qiang Qin, Ya Qin Guo
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:In this study, we restrict our attention to shape optimization of a body immersed in the Navier-Stokes fluid flow. The formulation and...
Authors: Yu Gui Li, Fei Fan, Quan Ye, Hai Lian Gui
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Aiming at the problems existing in the process of shearing such as bad-section quality and low efficiency, several parameters have been...
Authors: Pei Yong Ni, Xiang Li Wang, Sheng Li Wei
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:The diffusion combustion of the air heater was numerically simulated at different excess air coefficient using Fluent software. The...
Authors: Wei Wei Yu, Fei Xue, Xin Ming Meng, Lei Lin
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:To investigate the property of a new type of Zircaloy material, a low cycle fatigue (LCF) test has been performed at room temperature (RT)...
Authors: Chu Chu Peng, Ze Liang Xu, Zhi Wen Zhu
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a kind of joint structure which can connect rigid pipe with flexible pipe in seabed longtime was designed and its...
Authors: Liang Liang Wang, Zhi Yong Li, Ji Xiang Sun, Chun Du
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Hyperspectral data is endowed with characteristics of intrinsic nonlinear structure and high dimension. In this paper, a nonlinear manifold...
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