Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Guo Jiang, Xiao Zhong Wang

Abstract: A prototype of a Multifunctional Solar Assisted Heat Pump (MSAHP) system is designed in the study. The system integrates a heat pump water...

Authors: Xing Wei Sun, Jun Wang, Xin Feng, Ke Wang

Abstract: The modern design method based on the finite element theory has become the essential means of present machine design. In this paper,...

Authors: Shu Xia Sun, Ming Yan, Wei Jia, Ping Bai

Abstract: Based on the computation method of reliability in limit state theory, the paper analyzes sensitivity of gear reliability with the change of...

Authors: Hong Bo Zheng, You Song Sun, Mian Li, Can Biao Xian

Abstract: The extension control is a newly developed intelligent control method used to solve control problem from information transformation...

Authors: Li Bo Cao, Wen Tao Cheng, Xiang Nan Shi

Abstract: According to GB 20071-2006 regulation, the finite element model of aluminum honeycomb block was built with beam elements, and the...

Authors: Yan Qing Wang, Gao Yan Zhong, Yong Biao Chang, Guo Xin Liu

Abstract: The stroke and the material characteristics of the large five-axis machining center were expounded; a structure similar to the truss of the...

Authors: Ying Xi, Xuan Xuan Li, Qiang Fu, Li Qiang Gao, Zhe Chen

Abstract: To solve the braking problems caused by train speed-raising, shorten braking distance and avoid probable wheel sliding arising therefrom, we...

Authors: Gh. Seyed Bagheri, M. Reza Soleymani Yazdi, M. Tahmasebi

Abstract: In this study, the hot forging process of spline hub was simulated using the finite volume method. The proposed simulation model was...

Authors: C.L. Wu, Z.R. Wang

Abstract: Formation of chip is a typical severe plastic deformation progress in machining which is only single deformation stage. The large strain,...

Authors: Ze Peng Wang, Wen Liang Cui

Abstract: Macpherson front suspension model was established by ADAMS/CAR software. The simulation of the parallel wheel traveling and the dynamic...


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