Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Ge Liang, Zhen Shan Zhang, Lan Luo

Abstract: Friction property plays an important role in the operating process of engine, the analysis and discuss about friction property can help to...

Authors: Xian Jie Meng, Jun Wei Li

Abstract: Based on the analysis of two kinds of torsion absorber of automobile power train, a power train idling vibration model with nine degrees of...

Authors: Xiao Zhen Du, Hong Yu, Yan Li

Abstract: High output power can be obtained by optimizing the piezoelectric battery structure parameters. Several piezoelectric battery prototypes...

Authors: Min Qiang Dai, Sheng Dun Zhao, Xiao Mei Yuan

Abstract: Based on the description of 20MN fast forging press hydraulic system, the paper analyzed the possibility of energy conservation which the...

Authors: Ji Hong Yan, Lei Lu

Abstract: The detection and diagnosis of equipment failures are of great practical significance and paramount importance in the sense that an early...

Authors: Xiao Guang Wu, Jie Zhao, Xi Zhe Zang

Abstract: Considering high sensitivity of the walking gait of the biped passive dynamic robot to its own parameters, the paper obtains a more simple...

Authors: Rui Zhu, Lan Luo, Wei Ge Liang

Abstract: The possibility of oxyhydrogen energy, which use real-time generated Hydrogen and Oxygen as its source, was analyzed. A special torpedo...

Authors: Chi Wu Bu, Li Xun Zhang

Abstract: A mobile grinding robot is present here for the wind turbine blade grinding work. The robot is a mobile manipulator equipped with a grinding...

Authors: Jian Guo Cao, Xin Hua Yang, Jie Xu

Abstract: The paper introduces an electro-controlled steering damper’s working principle, which uses the magnetorheological fluid as the working...

Authors: Fa Jun Zhang, Wen Jie Fang, Chang Zhou, Zhong Liu

Abstract: This paper is based on using fuzzy control method and according to the size of bearing residual magnetic detective distance and the diameter...


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