Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Lin He, Xiao Dong Zhang

Abstract: Stress concentration coefficient of welded joints has a crucial influence on mechanical properties of welded structures. Geometrical...

Authors: Zhao Lin Han, Yang Yang Wang, Jing Zhao, Feng Liu

Abstract: Regenerative braking of electric vehicles can not only conserve energy, but also increase driving range. Regenerative braking control...

Authors: Xiao Ming Sheng, Xue Wu Hu, Yun Qing Xu

Abstract: Gripper with two claws of automatic placing and removing manipulator is designed in this paper, and structure characteristics, working...

Authors: Xin Qun Zhang

Abstract: For the purpose of improving the design automaticity for mechanical design, this paper explores the parameter designing for thread fasteners...

Authors: Hai Feng Dai, Xue Zhe Wei, Ze Chang Sun, Xue Yu Chang

Abstract: Vehicle safety is one of the most important design elements for all types of vehicles designed for use on public streets or roadways....

Authors: Yu Ming Wang, Min Feng Huang, Quan Zheng, Lei Lu, Yu Chen

Abstract: By carrying on the stress and transform analysis of the box of a kind of transfer case which was self-designed and manufactured for...

Authors: Ming Chen, Li Xin Guo

Abstract: Battery electric vehicle is to be researched and developed as the best alternative for fuel vehicle. Dynamic performance is the basic...

Authors: Ling Yu, Yan Chun Zhao, Chun Qiang Jia

Abstract: In this paper the nonlinear model of zero open symmetrical cylinder controlled by four-way slide valve system was established base on power...

Authors: Wei Wang, Yu Yan Li

Abstract: Non-Obstructive Particle Damping (NOPD) is a new damping technique which is based on traditional particle damping and impact damping...

Authors: Yi Shen Xu, Ji Hua Gu, Zhi Tao

Abstract: Stiction is one of the most important and almost unavoidable problems in MEMS, which usually occurs when the restoring forces of the...


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