Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

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Authors: Zhong Tang Wang, Shi Hong Zhang, Hong Zhi Wang

Abstract: It had been studied that thermal deformation properties of AerMet100 steel (AMT100) by thermal simulation on Gleeble 3500 Simulator, which...

Authors: Jie Yang, Guang Feng Xi, Xiao Dong Zhao

Abstract: A set of modified marine corrosion simulation test device was designed in this study according to the characteristics of the natural marine...

Authors: Yu Liu, Jun Li

Abstract: Different from traditional engine test, an optical constant volume chamber simulated HTHP ambient condition was employed by using...

Authors: Yun Cai Zhao, Jia Jia Mao, Chun Ming Deng, Wem You Ma

Abstract: This paper is about the study of the KF301/WS2 composite lubrication wear-resisting coatings prepared by supersonic plasma...

Authors: Yun Cai Zhao, Gao Jie Hao, Chun Ming Deng, Wem You Ma

Abstract: This paper is about the study of the KF301/WS2 composite lubricating wear-resisting coatings prepared by supersonic plasma...

Authors: Bo Lin He, Jing Liu, Bin Wang

Abstract: Using the surface self-nanocrystalline technology can produce dense nano layer without the defects such as pores. The surface...

Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Ying Ying Chen, Shu Juan Dai

Abstract: In this study, biosorption of C. I. Acid Red 18 from aqueous solution was investigated by using acid treated biomass of Penicilium sp. in a...

Authors: Ying Li, Bian Xiao Li, Wen Jun Zou

Abstract: Nanodiamond/Ni and Ni coatings were fabricated via brush plating. Nanocrystalline structure of the composite coating was investigated by SEM...

Authors: Ya Ting Zhang, Xiu Jian Chou, Wen Ping Geng, Ying Tian, Ji Jun Xiong, Tao Guo

Abstract: Lead zirconate titanate thick films with thickness of 1-3μm have been prepared by a sol-gel process. Influence of film thickness on...

Authors: Chang Hong Ji, Bin Zhen Zhang, Jian Zhang, Xiang Hong Li, Jian Lin Liu

Abstract: In order to measure the pressure in the ultra-low temperature condition, the structure of ultra-low temperature piezoresistive pressure...


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