Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Tao Du, Cheng Zhan Chen, Can Huang, Qi Jun Chen

Abstract: Numerical simulation was made on parameters like internal pressure and axial force as well as friction coefficient of tube that affect the...

Authors: Ji Tao Du, Can Huang, Cheng Zhan Chen, Qi Jun Chen

Abstract: As one of the best ways to lightweight car-white-body, tailor rolling blanks (TRB) are affected by various factors when produced, such as...

Authors: Yong Gang Liu, Ji Shun Li, Wen Xiang Shi, Xian Zhao Jia

Abstract: Radial runout is a major performance parameter of running accuracy of bearings. In order to increase the running accuracy of cylindrical...

Authors: Wei Zhou Zhong, Xi Cheng Huang, Zhi Ming Hao, Ruo Ze Xie, Gang Chen

Abstract: Compression experiments of spruce along axial, radial and tangential loading directions are implemented by INSTRON equipment. Mechanical...

Authors: Qiu Mei Liu, Jun Ling Zheng

Abstract: We analyses the instance that the retaining ring is near to the top, adopt the theory of the axis symmetry column thin shell, and construct...

Authors: Hui Wang, Guo Ding, Huan Tang, Ling Kun Chen

Abstract: Along with rapid development of high-speed railway in many countries, recently research on seismic response of high-speed railway bridge...

Authors: Ben Niu Zhang, Xing Xing Li, Zhi Xiang Zhou

Abstract: Crack monitoring is thought to be a challenging problem for structural health monitoring. In previous study, a bionic crack monitoring...

Authors: Gui Fen Zhou, Si Hua Zhang, Shu Cai Xu, Rui Zhang, Jian Qiao Li

Abstract: The continuum/discontinuum multiscale analytical system of the interaction between rigid wheel and lunar soil by coupling discrete elements...

Authors: Gui Fen Zhou, Fang Liu, Rui Zhang, Shu Cai Xu, Ye Liang Hu, Jian Qiao Li

Abstract: The simulation system between smooth rigid wheel and lunar soil by Discrete Element Method (DEM) was established and validated. Three...

Authors: Zhong Yr Cai, Ying Wu Lan

Abstract: The analytical solutions for the deformations of straight-ends in three-roll bending process of thin-plate were presented. Based on the...


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