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Authors: Jian Zhang, Bin Zhen Zhang, Chang Hong Ji, Jian Lin Liu, Xiang Hong Li
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:With the development of modern industrial society, the need of measuring the pressure parameters at the ultra-low temperature is proposed....
Authors: Hong Tao Zhang, Hong Yu Gao, Wen Jie Jiang, Shi Sheng Zhong
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Bead-on-plate welds was made by underwater wet welding with flux-cored wire in a tailor-made pentrough. The effect of welding parameters such...
Authors: Hui Zhang, Bo Yan Xu, Chuan Sheng Wang
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:This paper give a diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration equipment based on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which the filter bodies of...
Authors: Yun Kai Gao, Da Wei Gao
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:The seal deformation of automotive door is caused by the door compression forces, including non-linear elastic force and non-linear damping...
Authors: Shu Ai Wang, Feng He Tao, Chang Zhi Jia
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Firstly, the index system influencing cleaning quality was established based on AHP theory and the weight were calculated. According to the...
Authors: Jie Su, Xu Guang Wang
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:The acquisition of steady-state data is the premise for optimizing the boiler combustion parameters. Assuming the measuring parameters obey...
Authors: Chun Tian Li, Xiao Bin Zhang, Yi Luo, Chang Hua Du
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:The main and control circuit of co2 welding power, which is mode of full-bridge and IGBT inverter, is designed based on DSP...
Authors: Yuan Yuan Liu, Chang Juan Jing, Qing Wei Li, Qiang Gao Wang, Qing Xi Hu
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Electrospun nanofiber is widely used in cartilage tissue engineering to fabricate the replacement for the lost or damaged tissues and...
Authors: Yong Yu, Guo Qing Zhang
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:The work condition of the air cushion suspension technology was simulated numerically based on CFD technology. In order to comparing with...
Authors: Ji Sheng Shen, Xiang Man Ye, Xiao Bin Ning
Chapter 6: Functional Materials
Abstract:Design of self-energizing shock absorber of suspension of SVU, a multi degree of freedom mechanism, is a challenge. In order to decay...
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