Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Li, Jian Zhong Li

Abstract: The applicability and accuracy of whole set oil-immersed pump lectotype are the key points to improve the recovery ratio of oil field and to...

Authors: Rong Chun Guo, Jin Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, the basic theory of Virtual Design was described and the application of 3D design software SolidWorks 2009 in loader working...

Authors: Sheng Yao Fan, Qiu Ju Zhang, Hai Wei Chen

Abstract: Many factors influence WEDM(Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining) machining precision, and the influence of various factors on the...

Authors: Wei Huang, Chang Song Ou, Hai Man Lu, Zheng Liang Xie

Abstract: According to the limit working conditions of the gantry milling machine column, this paper adopts Parametric Design Language APDL to set up...

Authors: Qian Xiang, Zhi Jun Lv, Jian Guo Yang, Xiang Gang Yin

Abstract: Due to absence of an integral mathematical model, quality control in spinning process has been hard problem for a long time. Rough sets...

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Bin Lin, Feng Zhou Fang

Abstract: A novel adaptive force control table for rotary ultrasonic machine tool was developed for processing micro holes. The adaptive force control...

Authors: Yi Chen Lu, Yao Dong Gu

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the relevant mechanical properties of woodball shafts by applying numerical methods. The structures of woodball...

Authors: Zhong Tang Wang, Guang Xia Qi, Shi Hong Zhang

Abstract: Deep drawing of square boxes of tailor-welded blanks (TWBs) was studied by experiment and simulation in this paper. When the tailor-welded...

Authors: De Ping Liu, Wei Wei Yang, Jian She Gao

Abstract: Five-axis turning-milling center is an important and advanced NC machine in fields of military industry, aerospace, automobile and medical...

Authors: Jun Cheng, Ya Dong Gong, Hai Feng Zhao, Yue Ming Liu, Jian Yu Yang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel model of lay out of cutter head of TBM(tunnel boring machine). Rock-broken mechanism during the operation of the...


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