Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Xia Zhu, Bin Li, Ji Man Luo

Abstract: In order to analyze accurately the dynamic characteristics of guideway joints of CNC, the finite element model(FEM) of guideway joints of...

Authors: Chun Xia Zhu, Ji Man Luo, Bin Li

Abstract: The dynamic characteristics of parallel 3-TPT machine tool are researched by simulation and experiment in this paper. Firstly, modal...

Authors: De Jun Wang, Meng Li, Chao Liu, Jia Nan Sun

Abstract: A Vehicle simulation model is built by AMESim software. During the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) running on, the cases of varieties...

Authors: De Jun Wang, Yuan Yuan Wang, Hong Hong Feng, Li Hua Wang, Chao Liu

Abstract: To adjust the car yawing moment through specific wheels braking is a kind of widely used method by various auto stability control system....

Authors: Guo Liang Chen, Xiao Yang Chen

Abstract: Clutch release bearings are an important vehicle powertrain components. Web-based collaborative design automotive clutch release bearings,...

Authors: Zong Wu Xie, Cao Li, Hong Liu

Abstract: A new joint space trajectory planning method for the series robot is proposed. Comparing with the traditional path planning methods which...

Authors: Qi Zhang, Zong Wu Xie, Yi Wei Liu, Zhi Qi Li, Hong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a high dynamic humanoid manipulator with DSP/FPGA-FPGAs hardware structure is designed to meet the demand of high-speed...

Authors: Gang He, Zhi Gang Zhang, Deng Lin Zhu, Zheng Yu Pan

Abstract: The design optimization of two-stage cylindrical helical gear reducer is discussed in this paper. The volume and the center gear distance...

Authors: Dong Dong Ni, Xu Wu, Jian Qi Chen, Jia Jing, Cai Xia Liu

Abstract: Purpose: A multi-leaf collimator leaf sequencing comparison program in the sense that it translates beam intensity maps into the least...

Authors: Duo Qing Sun

Abstract: All-coefficient golden section adaptive control scheme for attitude keeping of spacecraft with unknown parameters is proposed in this paper....


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