Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Guo, Yu Liang Shen, Zhen Jun Liu, Lu Xu

Abstract: In the ever-increasing development of network storage technology, distributed RAID has been a hot topic for data reliability and...

Authors: Ya Dong Zhu, Jing Wang Zhang, Chao Wang, Zhen Jun Liu

Abstract: Numerous resource allocating and releasing will cause fragmentation which will seriously affect the I/O performance of file systems. One...

Authors: Jun Feng Zhang, Xue Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an approach of free space management for FPGA area is proposed. We present a data structure for keeping the information of...

Authors: Zhong Liang Deng, Dan Dan Shi

Abstract: In order to identify and classify insects wing, a new identification algorithms of insects wing was presented in this paper. Wing image was...

Authors: Jian Cheng, Yi Min Wei, Xin Xiong, Chun Biao Gan, Shi Xi Yang

Abstract: Aiming at issues of the modern embedded turbine supervisory instruments such as simplistic function, weak process power, low efficiency and...

Authors: Jing De Huang

Abstract: Fault forecasting model based on dynamic fuzzy synthetically Judging and five units model of forecasting coefficient are built up, and...

Authors: Bang Cheng Han, Dan He, Fang Zheng Guo, Yu Wang, Bing Nan Huang

Abstract: A phase-locked loop (PLL) control system based on field programmable gates array (FPGA) is proposed through analyzing the model of...

Authors: Jin Hua Li, Yong Xian Liu, Yang Yu, Jia Liang Han, Deng Li Yi

Abstract: The technique to suppress regenerative chatter is to regulate the spindle speed around the mean speed to disturb the regenerative mechanism....

Authors: Yong Li, Zhan Wu Wang, Shuang Ning Tang

Abstract: The paper is committed to overcome the influence of gross error on the small quantity data of forest fire grey modeling. According to the...

Authors: Tian Zhong Sui, Lei Wang, Pei Chao Jia

Abstract: The model of extracting a skeleton of mechanism is established from an existed three-dimensional CAD product model. Using assembly features,...


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