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Authors: Xiang Yu Dong, Jun Qiang Xi, Hui Yan Chen
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:For the parallel hybrid electrical vehicle (PHEV) with motor equipped in front of the transmission, the inertia of the transmission-input...
Authors: Sheng Wu Yu, Rui Jun Liu
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:According to the capability require of the automotive transmission control mechanism(ATCM), and entered into test method by the automotive...
Authors: Rui Jun Liu, Sheng Wu Yu
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:This paper has proved that the HIC of local engine hood collision area is relative to the distance between the collision point and potential...
Authors: Hai Yun Han, Ke Du, Gang Wang
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:We consider the information sharing, distributed processing and interoperating caused by different Standards and information models in this...
Authors: Yong Chen
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:The jumping procedure of the human was captured with a high-speed video camera. The geometrical configurations and motion postures of the...
Authors: Li Qiang Jin, Chuan Xue Song, Jian Hua Li
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:In conventional vehicles, the control of vehicle speed is achieved by changing the engine load through adjusting the acceleration pedal....
Authors: Hua Cong, Guang Ping Wu, Fu Zhou Feng, Guo Qiang Rao
Chapter 9: Information System for Materials and Mechanics
Abstract:This paper presents a reliability assessment method for the system with multiple degradation parameters based on SVDD and SVR. The method...
Authors: Hou Jun Lu, Dao Fang Chang, Wei Jian Mi, Jing Shuai Liu
Chapter 9: Information System for Materials and Mechanics
Abstract:With the further research of large container terminal machine going, promoting single equipment’s efficiency cannot greatly enhance the whole...
Authors: Zhi Wei Xu, Yong Xian Liu
Chapter 9: Information System for Materials and Mechanics
Abstract:A multi-dimensional module partition methodology is put forward for CNC lathe, in which not only the functional module partition and the...
Authors: Chi Wu Bu, Li Xun Zhang
Chapter 9: Information System for Materials and Mechanics
Abstract:A robot system is present for the wind turbine blade grinding work. The robot is a mobile manipulator equipped with a grinding tool. In order...
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