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Authors: Kai Fu Zhang, Feng Gang Liu, Zhen Xing Liu, Yuan Li
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:In order to select the optimal location points for automated drilling and riveting process, an optimization method selecting the location...
Authors: Chang Zheng Li, Chao Lin, Yong Lei
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:Aero engine running is complex mechanical experiments. In the last two decades, many computer aided testing (CAT) systems were developed and...
Authors: Qiu Zhong Zhou, L.Y. Deng
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:The MBD technology use a integration model to express all of the product geometry information and process planning information, and make it...
Authors: Ai Qin An, Ming Hua Pang, Lian Feng Zhang, Yong Fang Nie
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:Logix gear is a new gear based on new tooth profile theory. On the primary, the forming principle of the logix gear tooth profile is...
Authors: Lan Wu, Wei Sheng Wang
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:A PM-OLED driving circuit is presented. This scheme, aiming at PWM PM-OLED driving circuit, gives the corresponding row-column driving...
Authors: Zhong Gen Su, Jiang Qi Long
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:This paper designs an electronic control EGR system used in diesel engine and researches the influence of different EGR rate on engine...
Authors: De Rong Duan, Fang Zhao, Song Wang, Xian Xin Chen
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:The three-dimensional model of new rotor was imported into EDEM for dynamic simulation, the maximum speed and force were analysied in the...
Authors: Yu Bao Fan, Jie Li, Bo Wang, Xiao Chun Tian, Jun Liu
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:When the Micro Inertial Measurement Unit is been placed randomly in the case of stationary, the sum vectors that measured by the inertial...
Authors: Xi Wei Yang, Hong Li Chen, Zhen Yu Wu, Shi Fu Xu
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:To make design of rotation cup device more reasonable, the air-flow-field in rotation cup should be analyzed. Numerical simulation is...
Authors: Qing Song Tu, Wei Min Zhang, Li Huang, Cheng Feng Chen, Qiu Yong
Chapter 8: Industrial Mechanics
Abstract:The relations between stresses and leakage magnetic signal of concentration area of the airplane’s landing gear under varying load were...
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