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Authors: Qing Ming Chang, Chang Jun Chen, Xia Chen, Si Qian Bao, Chen Gang Pan
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:A 3-D modeling based on the numerical resolution of fluid flow and heat transfer for laser-cladding processes of In718 Superalloy is...
Authors: Xu Dong Lu, Ce An Guo, Jie Wang, Shu Wu Ma
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:The cyclic oxidation behaviour of Ni 5.5Al 2.6Ti 4.8Co 3.9Mo 5.0W 11.0Cr superalloy at 900 °C in air has been investigated by means of...
Authors: Xu Dong Lu, Cheng Zhi Jiang, Xiao Hui Zhu
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:The 0.05%Gd3+ /0.4%Eu3+ co-doped TiO2 composite nanopowders have been prepared by sol-gel method and...
Authors: Xue Qing Yue, Hua Wang, Shu Ying Wang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Incorporation of metallic elements, titanium and copper, into carbonaceous mesophase (CM) was performed through mechanical alloying in a ball...
Authors: Jun Yan Liu, Xun Liu, Yang Wang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:The application of thermoelastic stress analysis in compound structure is particularly complicated because of the different material...
Authors: Bin Du, Shi Sheng Zhou, Na Li Li, Nan Wang
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:As an important metallic powder, aluminum powders are used widely in coating, inks and plastic industry. However, it is necessary to treat...
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Tursen Gulnar
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:For flat plate of Q-235 Carbon Steel whose thickness is 4, 5 and 6mm, with the small hole that diameter is 3, 5 and 7 mm in the center and...
Authors: Jiao Cheng Ma, Hui Zhao Sun, Xue Bin Wang, Xia Lv
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:In order to more accurate simulation the solidification of billet continuous casting. The measured shell thickness and surface temperature...
Authors: Xiao Dong Shao
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Pipeline system is the main form of transportation for oil and natural gas. High grade pipeline steel can effectively improve the security of...
Authors: Xin Bing Yun, Ming Liang Yao, Yang Wu, Bao Yun Song
Chapter 1: Metal Materials
Abstract:Continuous extrusion under the large expansion ratio is an advanced forming process for manufacturing copper strip, preventing mould...
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